There are few days, la belle Sarah Michelle Gellar visited the offices of Buzzfeed (news site that make the buzz) and has lent a small set of questions / answers. These 16 random questions were mainly related to parenthood.

She also took the opportunity to make a photoshoot, you can find in the gallery. (For the time being, a single photo available, but others arrive) :

1. A funny memory of your pregnancy ?

Go to the hospital. If you think you are going to give birth (and that you are pregnant 9 month), it probably means that you are going to give birth !

2. On a scale of 1 with 10, how do you tired of the Snow Queen ?

Freed, issued !! 2 !

She adds :

It's a great movie ! I could watch it again and again. There are plenty of other movies I have not wanted to see.

3. Who takes care of to bed (Children) ?

We went to bed every two (you understood ? lol)

She adds :

It's pretty quiet with us actually. The children each choose a story. At night it's a pretty nice time with us. It is morning it's more chaotic.

4. What is the most annoying child character on TV ?


She adds :

Kai-Lan de Nihao Kai-lan. I am convinced that it teaches children how to behave badly.

5. What is your tip as a parent you prefer ?

(En VO: they call it the Parenting Hack, which are tips for parents to apply to children)

What's a Hack ? I'm not very savvy expression level

She adds :

I do not know what it is.

6. If you had to name your children with first names Hipster, what would they be ?

Blue ! Pour Blue Prinze (you understood ?) Et Finga, Prinze Finga poru // It is a word play on the term "Blueprint" which are used in the drawings in particular architecture. And the second is a pun on the term "Finger print" which are fingerprints.

She adds :

I called my son Rocky !

7. And if you pass our test “Pet food, or children's food” ?

Perfect score, 5/5

She spent a small quiz where there were pictures of small pots, some were for animals, and others for babies.

8. What one thing would you have liked to know before having children ?

I Loupais.

She adds :

I would have had children much earlier.

9. What baby product you can not live without you ?


She adds :

But not just for babies, I could not past me short !

10. What is the behavior that you could not stand coming from the father ?

The choices were :
a) Invite her mother to give you advice about the fact to educate your children.
b) You take her to a shushi restaurant and make dry-ass Sake.
c) Smell bad.

Answer C

She adds :

In fact, it should NEVER smell bad. Point final.

11. What surprises you most about being a parent ?

Responsibility towards all children

She adds :

Not just love and responsibility you feel for your own children. But the responsibility you have towards all children.

12. What advice would you give to working mothers ?

It takes a whole village

“It takes a village” is an expression to say : They say it takes a village to raise a child.
She adds :

We think all we can do everything well. The most amazing support comes from parents community, do not be afraid to ask for help.

13. Knowing the baby's sex, or do not know the baby's gender ?

We preferred to know. I sighted.

She adds :

By cons, if we have a third, I not want to know.

14. What food would you prefer to fly in your child's lunch box ?

Des Sushi

She adds :

It is mainly the food that my children would rather steal. Someday, Freddie and I had the bad idea to let our sushi dishes washed away on the table, and our children have eaten. Then, my daughter asked for its school meals. 

15. What movie would you least inclined to let your kids watch ? Sex Intention, or You Remember Last Summer ?


16. What do you want people to know about “No Kids Hungry” ? Do not do it just for me, but for children

She adds :

During my childhood, we were not necessarily very rich, but my mother has always tried to make me understand that there were other people who were younger than me. There is always a way to reciprocate. Not just in terms of money. My mother always told me that there are other ways to inform people, and help the less fortunate.
Source — via Buzzfeed