Hi to all, I am Clipse (Or Andrea), and I am the new member of the’équipe du site Slayer Revival ! I am here Reporter de Conventions and now would take care of everything related to this type of event where we meet our favorite stars. In this first article, I'll tell you about an agreement announced there is little.

Our new KLZ Events Partner organizes this year Fanmeet Buffy+Angel to be held on 13 and 14 December 2015 with Brussels, Belgium. 3 guests are provided for this second edition, the first having taken place in Frankfurt in the company of Eliza Dushku (Faith), Nicholas Brendon (Alex) et James Masters (Spike).

The organization also announced yesterday son premier guest. This is none other than James Masters, who plays the role of Spike dance Buffy an Angel ! It is therefore up to the second edition ! You can also meet the actor at a low price because the cheapest Pass costs only 54€ ! His Extras are from thirty euros, you will find more detail on their website (See the link below).

Without further ado, here is the list and content of Pass :


– Row reserved (3th Area)
– Access to all panels, activities and sales.
– Possibility to buy photoshoots and autographs.


– Reserved seat (Second Zone)
– 1 Autograph of all guests (except bonus)
– 1 Photo individuelle (to choose between all the guests except with respect to’ and invites the Special bonus )
– Access to all panels and the shop ( two days ).
– Preferential entry after VIPs everywhere.
– Opportunity to buy products and special activities.

VIP PASS 299€ (Only 8 on sale)

– reserved and numbered seat ( preferential area )
– 1 Autograph of all guests (except bonus)
– 1 group photo ( with all the guests including the prompt bonus )
– 1 photo individuelle (to choose from all the guests except bonus)
– 25% discounts on all Meeting Rooms only valid for the VIP pass
– la copie des photos en version digital.
– Access panels (talks) and the shop ( marchandising room ) ( two days )
– an exclusive gift
– preferential entry everywhere.
– opportunity to buy products and special activities .

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And you, vous êtes aussi tentés d’y aller ?

I will keep you informed of new news of any agreement throughout the year !