For some days now, Alan Tudyk et Nathan Fillion, we all know for their role in the series Firefly (and the film Serenity), have plans to work together again. Indeed, Alan Tudyk had the idea of ​​writing a web-série, entitled Con-Man, and to appeal to fans to finance.

They therefore appealed to the site Indiegogo, which functions as the Kick-starter website, where fans font une donation an amount of their choice to help fund the project. The aim was then to’reach 425.000$ in one month. This goal has already been reached in 2 days hardly (We can say thank you to the fans of Firefly and Buffy). The project is financed 3 episodes ! But know that you can still give money to 10 April 2015. More will be money in the kitty, and there will be more episodes…

The project

Con Man avec Alan Tudyk et Nathan FillionNow about this web series, entitled Con-Man.

Wray Nerely (played by Alan Tudyk) was an actor in the science fiction series Spectrum, -although that was canceled too soon- and nevertheless became an iconic series. The best friend of Wray, Jack Moore (played by Nathan Fillion), was also in the series and quickly became a big movie star. While Jack takes advantage of his fame, Wray, him, connects the fan conventions, comic book stores and other pop-culture events. This web series will follow the adventures of crazy when Wray travels to events.

Who will play in ?

And this is the big plus of this webseries ! Alan and Nathan Fillion will appeal to their friends which Seth Green (Oz dans Buffy), Felicia Day (Vi in Buffy), and Gina Torres (Zoe dans Firefly) ! We can even expect other guests…

Il semblerait même quEliza Dushku soit très intéressée.

Without further ado, voici la vidéo du projet :

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Source – via Indiegogo