- The final episode of the arc Love Dares You was released yesterday in the US. This is the 13Second episode of this season 10. Vous trouverez, below, the couvertures, the preview et surtout la review complète the episode. Bonne lecture 🙂

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The last episode of the arc Love Dares You begins immediately after the previous episode. We thus find Spike and Buffy the Vampire in the room, after they slept together in the prior episode. Reminder, episode #12 ended on a cliffhanger where we saw Spike bite innocent in a very violent manner. We then asked if it was a dream or reality… And this is where the writer plays with finesse when Buffy asks Spike “Then, you're evil ?”, which is a reference to Angel when he loses his soul after sex, but that is a question that also asks Spike, due to “dream” he did during the night !

In addition to this issue remained unanswered, we discover a fun couple and accomplice. We feel that Buffy and Spike have grown. The other trend that continues to evolve is that Spike and Xander. Throughout the season 10, they became very close and when Spike confides in him (which is already a big step for Spike), Alex, decides to trust him and rests his stake and his cross. I find the relationship they have is the best of the season. A contrario, I am extremely disappointed with the reaction of Willow. As much Giles, Not surprisingly as it has always been wary vis-à-vis Spike. But Willow was pretty close to Spike, even in the season 7. One felt that she liked him. And even in the comics after, they got along very well. I then struggled to see the suspicious. By cons, one can only welcome the attitude of Spike, who agrees to suffer, if it is to prove that he is innocent.

Meanwhile, Buffy and Xander go to Andrew who is a little “depression” since the previous episode where he had confessed his homosexuality FINALLY. Oddly, he suffers due to the idea that everyone knew he was gay, except him. He then receives a good deal of encouragement from his two friends. One could say that this passage is a bit pointless, but I find it really enhances team cohesion. This is typically a passage I would have liked to see in the TV series because you could really see a good acting and a reconciliation of characters.

Following this, Buffy and Xander return to San Francisco and will attack a vampire nest Willow and Giles magically spotted. And surprise, vampires are those of the dream Spike, and especially : it is a trap because the building explodes. So someone knew Buffy would kill. Dowling then recounts that the bodies were protected by crosses and garlic to the morgue. Willow deduce that Spike could not free them. So he is innocent ! I loved the fact that Buffy is angry against his friends for having suspected Spike, while, she would never, and would have trusted him from the start. We found a little spirit of the season 7, when Spike was possessed by the Force and Buffy told everyone that he has changed and believes in him.

All these emotions are clear to Willow that she can not stay with Aluwyn. If some think that the passage was useless with Andrew, for me this is the one where I find too. For one, because since the beginning of the arc, we were not even aware they were together, qu'Aluwyn and is completely out of the story. So to speak, it is useless. While she is doing there ??? It ends with a conversation between Buffy and Willow and their complicated relationship. Wink also in the conversation of the season 1, when Buffy said : “Let's face, none of us will never have a normal relationship.”

Finally episode #13 ends the way it began, very calm manner, asked. We were warned, this arc focuses on relationships and the characters. Then, fewer shares, and less combat. I almost want to say that I miss it a little, but I think it was necessary to move closer the characters after season 8 and 9 where the group was a little far. We feel they are closer than ever and above, they grew. So if this arc Love Dares You was certainly less “Buffy-esque”, we like to see that Alex is trying to get better, Dawn continues studies, qu’Andrew face enfin son coming-out, Willow wants a sincere relationship, and, mostly, Buffy and Spike are finally a couple, a REAL couples ! Casually, it is past things into three small episodes. Drawing side against, this bow was well below others. Even though the penciling Megan Levens is when not hurting me ^, I look forward to the return of Rebekah Isaacs, who masters, I believe, perfectly drawings Buffy and her friends. Side scenario, it is still unclear who sought to entrap Buffy and Spike playing with dreams (Angel and elsewhere, since it even in the Angel & Faith), but my gut tells me we'll find out soon enough. The return of the fighting, it's in the next episode !