There took place a few weeks Comic Expo 2015 à Long Beach, and like any good convention, one could find a booth devoted to comics Buffy and a conference. Thereby, many spoilers have surfaced about the direction of history…

Attention, if you are not up to date in comics, do not click the button “Spoiler” below.
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  • Megan Levens draw again a few episode of season 10. Probably around the #20.
  • Rebekah Isaacs will do the last arc of the season 10.
  • Apparently, Giles return into his adult body in the episode #19. We do not yet know the “why and how”…
  • Buffy and Angel will meet again very soon for the first time since the end of the season 8 and have a discussion about the death of Giles.
  • The demon of the next arc “handles” Angel and Spike's dreams is the reason for the coming of the vampire in San Francisco.
  • We have not yet seen the Big Bad.
  • Angel and Faith will have normally no relationship. This is only friendship.
Here is a small interview fast Megan Levens, one of the cartoonists season 10 of Buffy. It is particularly busy arc Love Dares You which was released recently.