— Vincent Kartheiser (Connor, Angel's son) and Danny Strong (Jonathan Levinson from the Trio in Buffy) both play in the successful series Mad Men. they portrayed respectively Pete Campbell an Danny Siegel. For those who know little or Series, Here is an overview of players Buffy/Angel therein :

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Vincent Kartheiser and Danny Strong were this week related events Mad Men. The 22 March, Danny went to ‘Mad Men’ New York Special Screening unfolding, as its title indicates, à New York. Vincent was meanwhile yesterday in Los Angeles for the event AMC Celebrates The Final 7 Episodes Of “Mad Men” With The Black & Red Ball. We've added all the pictures in the gallery du site. To see full size, cliquez sur l’aperçu ci-dessous :

We take this opportunity to tell you about the latest output Danny Strong from the last week. If you missed it in the gallery, it is not too late to take a look: