- The first episode of the arc Relationship Status: Complicated (Lover Location : Complicated) is now released in the United States. This is the 14Second episode of this season 10. Vous trouverez, below, the couvertures, the preview et surtout la review complète the episode. Bonne lecture 🙂

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The episode #14 season 10 de Buffy s’intitule Relationship Status : Complicated (Lover Location : Complicated) , which is obviously a reference to the world-famous social network “Facebook”. This status is usually adopted by people through a bad patch in their relationship, without wanting to tell it to everyone. This title is echoed in the relationship Spike and Buffy, although it is not complicated, it is not yet determined. One also finds Rebekah Isaacs drawing and that's good, we see immediately the quality rise.

In this episode, we see an ever welded Scooby Gang that approaches from episode to episode. Here they put all the hands-on to help Spike. Although they know that Spike did not commit the murders, it is imperative to find out who handles. Buffy will therefore enter “magically” in his mind, the way Willow had penetrated the mind of Buffy in the episode “5×20 The Spiral”. The reference under their spots when Spike prefers Alex is one who visits her mind, saying he is afraid of what Buffy find there. We then entitled to a scene Rebekah Isaacs captures perfectly Buffy or Spike tenderly kiss in front of everyone.

That's when the real plot of the episode begins. Buffy walk in the spirit of Spike and discover a lot of things. The following pages are packed with detail and Buffy discovers that Spike really like. Again, Buffy the image or crying is beautiful designed and Rebekah conveys many emotions. Continuous episode when Buffy wanders in the past Spike. We get a flashback of Spike killing Nikki Wood which I think is the best drawing Spike Rebekah Isaacs ever made ! I am also very happy to see Darla and Drusilla (even in flashback). Darla is one of my favorite characters, I can only rejoice to see the flashback of the Angel begetting. These pages are really great for the overall plot and makes us want to know who is behind it all. On apprend que Spike, Angel, Darla, The Master and Drusilla are part of the same lineage (Finally it we already knew) but we will also learn a WHO generates Master. This will teach us that they all share the same link, the essence.

We discover Archaeus (I personally say Ark-aus), whose name literally means The Old One (the Former). Buffy is then awakened just in time, but she was able to learn where the devil was hiding / vampire / Former manipulating Spike. The Scooby Gang decides to go confront Archeaus. I find it a bit rushed knowing that they know nothing of it. In the series they would have never done that. They would probably have waited several episodes and sought weaknesses, waited for the right moment to attack. There they darken slightly bowed head. I think this is the format that requires it Comics.

The panel with the close-up of Buffy gave Spike sword in saying “We’ve got work” I think is clearly a nod to the end of Angel (and season 8) when Angel says “Let’s go to work”. Except for me, this time it is not alone, she said the word “we” (we) talking to her and Spike. It is for me a time that represents an evolution of their relationship.

The last pages are centered on combat gang with Archeaus. The episode ends on a cliffhanger that shows us that the devil can control Spike and force him to attack Buffy…

To conclude, this episode #14 is really well put together. The plot is good and keeps us in suspense until the end. The return of Rebekah Isaacs in drawing is beneficial and it perfectly represents the spirit of the series. Relationship Status: Complicated is an arc that looks promising especially with the arrival of a former lover of Buffy…