- The episode #16 season 10 d’Angel & Faith entitled “Those Who Can’t Teach, Teach Gym” and was released on 1st July Last our American friends. This episode is the first part of & rsquo; eponymous bow and directs Faith and Fred who investigate a series of mysterious murder at a school ! Vous trouverez, below, the couvertures and review the episode. Bonne lecture 🙂

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This 16th episode entitled “Those Who Can’t Teach, Teach Gym” is the first part of & rsquo; eponymous arc. The latter will take place in 3 and part will focus on Faith and Fred, investigating all the mysterious murders… Note that the d & rsquo personage Angel is completely absent from & rsquo; arc, the n & rsquo; is not displease me since Faith was clearly flunked the background since the beginning of the season. I am glad d & rsquo; have an affair with only Faith (And Fred).

And to score more fact that & rsquo; episode focuses on Faith, it starts directly with a close up on the face of the Slayer, and a scene d & rsquo; very touching opening. Indeed, Faith moves into an empty flat, and the first thing that & rsquo; she is d & rsquo; d & view a photo rsquo; she and Giles !

Later, she finds Brandt (the cop) in a cafe who entrusts him a mission : investigate s & rsquo murders being held in a school. I don & rsquo; still can not cling to the movie character, I find it really too much and not at all endearing. J & rsquo; have liked against by the remark that & rsquo; it's about the & rsquo; Faith apartment : “C & rsquo; is spartan”, wink in & rsquo; look at what that & rsquo; said Gwendolyn Post in season 3 Buffy for the Faith at the Motel.

All that portion in & rsquo; school is really not bad at all and did a little thought to the TV series in high school, with intellectuals, popular girls, sportsmen… So we met Mary, an uptight girl who is in love with the boyfriend of Meredith, People bitch, and three girls in & rsquo; looks pretty cool. It offers Mary to make it stronger, and immediately, we think that & rsquo; they are all three vampires…

Later, Fred and Faith go to a local pub where students from & rsquo; s school have & rsquo; & rsquo habit; go. A “hottie” People Fred dredge pushes. The latter turns into a vampire and attacks Fred. Faith comes to the rescue and to dust. J & rsquo; have found against by that & rsquo; he was powerful enough for a “young” vampire.

At the same time, Mary is chased by three cool girls who tell him that & rsquo; n & rsquo it; has no fear and that & rsquo; they can make it more powerful. We do not know if we should fear girls, or if the bottom, they are nice to want the & rsquo; help. Finally, it is unclear what will happen next place and the three girls capture Mary.

The next, Faith poses as the new sports teacher to be able to investigate successor since & rsquo; inside. The scene quickly turns sour when Meredit, People bitch, throws the ball into the head of Mary, the coincé. Remember, Mary s & rsquo; chase was done in & rsquo; s school at night & rsquo; forward by 3 girls cool. What s & rsquo; has happened ? Where are the girls ?

L & rsquo; episode ends with a cliffhanger surprising: Faith still a cry from the girls' locker room. She surprises Mary above the bloodied body of Meredith, dead. Mary swears that & rsquo; s it & rsquo; found like this. But who tells the truth ? Is Mary the & rsquo; really found dead ? Mary Is Human ? Ou Vampire ? Where are the three girls cool ?

In summary, this first part of & rsquo; arc “Those Who Can’t Teach, Teach Gym” is really a good surprise. J & rsquo; expect a lot of this arc, and I am not disappointed. L & rsquo; general story is well written and the overall frame is full of mystery. We like to try to guess who the killer (or killers). In the manner d & rsquo; Slasher as a Scream, all the characters seem suspicious and make us doubt. J & rsquo; like the fact that & rsquo; we try to guess who the bad guys in & rsquo; school and I am sure that & rsquo; d & rsquo one risks; be surprised. This arc s & rsquo; looking very good !