The preview l’episode 17 season 10 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer were unveiled. Il s’agit de l’épisode #17 and hence the second part of & rsquo; arc Old Demons. Angel, Spike and Buffy must team up…


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Dawn : Well. Before I give you dangerous weapons… is that everyone will stay good ?

Buffy : C & rsquo; is it this question ?
Giles : Yes, Dawn, do not be ridiculous. You say that as if we were just bickering…

Spike : Give us the damn weapons.

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Angel : T & rsquo;'re sure to want a ranged weapon ?
Alex : An eye. It becomes too hard to aim.

Angel : While strikes and moves. Archaeus and its lackeys will not only d & rsquo; roll with the punches.

Alex : Listening, Angel… when I t & rsquo; have… you know, banged to death… well, sorry. Even if you l & rsquo; had deserved. J & rsquo; have been in therapy for my anger issues. I see things more clearly. I know that the death of Giles n & rsquo; was not your fault.

Angel : D & rsquo; s somehow it & rsquo; was. And you're right, I l & rsquo; had deserved. Otherwise you miss an arm.

Alex : C & rsquo; is noted. j’imagine que, uh, you too repressed anger for decades. How t & rsquo; has managed it all ?

Angel : J’ai bu. I & rsquo; have killed people. Many people. And now I kill demons. And sometimes I drink.

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Buffy : Okay. We have a demon to fight and to recover an artifact. C & rsquo;'s the plan ?

Giles : There are two potential paths. Archaeus itself, or & rsquo; & rsquo artifact that; he uses to create portals to different hellish dimensions.
Willow : D & rsquo tracks we managed to detect; mystical energy emanating from the body of the demon that & rsquo; we killed. But they lead to two different places.

Spike : Then the Big Bad is separated from his arsenal. Sounds too easy.
Angel : Or he created the track for that & rsquo; we follow the. C & rsquo; is a trap or hunt.
Spike : Tells me not you consider seriously the & rsquo; idea to separate the two tracks to follow ? To divide our forces ?

Buffy : Yes ! C & rsquo; is that & rsquo; we will do. Separate.

Buffy : I mean, as a team. And we'll do it intelligently. In equal fire power. On reste en contact permanent, and the first who bites the dust calls others. Then you find yourself in town and victory is celebrated, in the best of worlds, with j'ai raison ?

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Buffy season 10 Buffy season 10

Tensions mount when the gang goes in search of an ancient demon named Archaeus. They are then separated into two teams. Angel and Alex on one side, who share their mishaps between betrayal and lost love Buffy and Spike and the other, attempting to put aside their uncertainties. But they will soon discover that there are more dangerous than fighting as they approach the Demon Lord.
Release : 22 July 2015 (USA)