- This year, the Comic Con of San Diego runs from 9 to 12 July. All years, we follow with interest this convention which is an appointment worship for all fans of comics and series. Evenement geek oblige, Obviously we find there Felicia Day, Clare Kramer, Nathan Fillion, (respectively Vi, Gloria and Caleb in Buffy), but also many & rsquo; other players Buffyverse.

During these 4 days, we will keep you informed of all matters concerning the whedonverse : photos, videos, information … You don & rsquo; will miss nothing. Then n & rsquo; please monitor & rsquo; article during the coming days.

09 July 2015 – Daytime 1

From the first day, Seth Green (Oz dans Buffy) attended two side events at the San Diego Comic-Con (qu’on va appeler SDCC 2015 for simplicity). It s & rsquo; is d & rsquo; first went to studio radio SiriusXM for & rsquo; issue’Entertainment Weekly en live de Comic Con. He was accompanied by his wife Clare Grant. The studio is located at Hard Rock Hotel San Diego.

The two lovers are then visited salon Nintendo which installed, for the occasion, on the Yatch de TV Magazine. Fans of video games, Clare Grant et Seth Green surely have the test the latest Nintendo.

Seth Green (Buffy), Alan Tudyk (Firefly, Dollhouse) and Nathan Fillion (Buffy, Firefly) then participated in the Conference on Con-Man web series (created by Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk). The trailer to d & rsquo; also aired during a conference. The photos and video below :

The notero that Felicia Day (Vi in Buffy) also participated in a panel Con-Man with the famous Wil Wheaton. We added photos you following those of boys, below, a preview of what you'll find in our gallery :

In the Video, you can especially see Seth Green, Sean Astin, Gina Torres, Sean Maher, Milo Ventimiglia, Felicia Day et même Joss Whedon… to name that & rsquo; them.

To know, the series will begin its broadcast at the 30 September 2015, sur Vimeo. You can pre-order the series now.

The same day, Seth Green also participated in the Press conference the new series & rsquo; Animation “Super Mansion” created by the studio Crackle. The notero that Seth Green is an Executive Producer of the series and that & rsquo; it also gives his voice to one of the character.

Here is the trailer of Super Mansion :

There are also comics “Super Mansion”, Seth Green is one of two producers (with Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad). They took advantage of the Comic Con to do a book signing, here are the photos :

Comme chaque année, Entertainment Weekly did a series of photoshoot several days, here for now, the first pictures :

End of Day ! We are already looking forward to all the photos and videos of the day 10 July and we put it to you quickly. N & rsquo; please come back regularly see & rsquo; or monitor Article the gallery and our account twitter if you're impatient !

10 July 2015 – Daytime 2

The headmaster Wood was also at Comic Con, or rather his interpreter, D.B. Woodside. It s & rsquo; visited the radio studio SiriusXM with the actors of the series Lucifer (Lesley-Ann Brandt, Tom Ellis et Lauren German). They all posed for Getty Images, le photoshoot is also in the gallery. Here are the pictures, to view full size, simply click on the & rsquo; album that interests you and you will be redirected :

11 July 2015 – Daytime 3

Already the third day of convention. After a rather quiet day yesterday, things s & rsquo; accelerate aujourd & rsquo; hui and n & rsquo; is not displeasing to us. Go c & rsquo; left for the day 3 du San Diego Comic Con spécial Whedonverse.

Joss Whedon a reçu le prix Icon Award de la Comic Con San Diego 2015 which is a very prestigious award to congratulate a celebrity who scored pop culture. Here's the video of Joss speech :

Photos of Joss speech are visible in this album :

La jolie Amy Acker was present with the cast of Person of Interest. Photos and videos of the pressroom are available below. She also posed for the photoshoot Getty, photos in HQ are also in our gallery :

Just like the day before Woodside, Amy s & rsquo; visited the SiriusXM radio, Here is an overview :

L & rsquo; Gloria interpreter, Clare Kramer, was obviously present in & rsquo; event and she was particularly sublime in the evening GeekNation. Earlier in the day, it was possible to see on the Nintendo booth.

Our favorite werewolf was not idle during Comic Con, new day, for new panel Seth Green, and here l & rsquo; preview pictures you can find in our gallery :

We end the day with the evening that & rsquo; you should not miss ! Joss Whedon, Nathan Fillion, Seth Green et Felicia Day were in & rsquo; event “Entertainment Weekly Hosts Its Annual Comic-Con Party”. Pretty pictures were taken, especially Seth Green avec Ian Ziering (Beverly Hills, Sharknado) and Felicia Day avec Maisie Williams (Arya Stark dans Game of Thrones). To see, click on thumbnails :

The SDCC c & rsquo; is over for this year ! You are told to & rsquo; next year for a new Article summary ^^ N & rsquo; please give us your feelings on San Diego Comic Con 2015 commented.

L & rsquo; article will be updated as and when the convention, n & rsquo; please see the latest information board, Videos and Photos.

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