Sunday 19 July, I visited (with some forum members Slayer Revival) to Avignon Festival 2015, where the beautiful Claire Guyot gives performances every evening until 26 July. For those who & rsquo; has forgotten, Claire Guyot is the French voice of Buffy Summers in Buffy the Vampire Slayer (and therefore of Sarah Michelle Gellar). It is in a small room that this charming young woman takes us into an intimate concert celebrating poets like Aragon, Ferrat, Ferré, Garcia Lorca, Lèpres, Jacques Brel, Prévert and La Fontaine.

Claire Guyot et ses Drôles de Types Festival d'Avignon 2015 ThéâtreAt the beginning of the concert, one is tempted to close their eyes a few minutes to listen to our favorite characters: Buffy Summers, Ariel (The Little Mermaid), Susan (Desperate Housewives) or Lois Lane (Lois and Clark The New Adventures of Superman). But soon, one realizes that Claire Guyot in his own voice and eyes are opened to better discover this beautiful person. Claire juggles softly on jazzy and powerful voice on engaging lyrics.

Alternating poems, committed lyrics and his own songs, Claire Guyot takes us on a journey to discover the great poets of our time. She shares her passion for beautiful writing, for love, for life, but his anger and mouths shots (Cf. the song “Y'en to Marre”) where it grows a ras-le-bol on society and other topics that bothers.

This is a total surprise ! And I speak as a fan Buffy the Vampire Slayer, (and thus the voice of Buffy Summers) do not expect to find “Buffy” or “Little Mermaid” during concert. Nothing of all this, but a personality to go full. And that's more like it. Claire and her funny types, as she calls them, You embark from the first song and leaves you speechless.

Claire Guyot is an artist, a real, one of which says that being a singer is not only “appear on television”. His songs are involved, Powerful; Claire made us think and even discover authors where passion for writing and the words are felt. This poetic medium was also feels that Claire Guyot gave a write power and it is with his own songs that always surprises us most throughout his concert. Sometimes, the emotion was palpable (Cf. the song “Lila Dance”).

At the end of the concert, one spring with a smile, shivers and apprehension to talk to him a few moments, because yes, Claire Guyot is extremely available for his fans. We feel even she WANTS to be present, she wants to say goodbye to everyone, shaking hands, to kiss, take pictures and sign autographs ... It's a nice person, whole, true, touching and smiling.

It clearly finds its public, that he likes, who adores, who encouraged !
Thank you for this evening Claire.

Do not miss Claire Guyot and Events Types, during the Avignon Festival 2015 (until 26 July), every night at 22:30, The task of the theater Ink.

And if like me you love it, go for buying his album !

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