The preview l’episode 17 season 10 d’Angel & Faith were unveiled. L’épisode s’intitule #16 Those Who Can’t Teach, Teach Gym which is the second part of & rsquo; eponymous arc. C & rsquo; is an adventure centered Faith and Fred who investigate a school where students are mysteriously generated by vampires…


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Angel : J & rsquo; unable to t & rsquo; imagine prof.
Faith : Prof de sport. Volleyball gossip and changing rooms. But wait a second, t & rsquo;'re telling me that B and Spike are together, and you want me to believe that the big news is that I pretend to be a teacher ? Your survis ?

Angel : What ? Not. How are you. Why does n & rsquo; not go ? Do not you think it's going ?

Angel : You can return to the important subject ?
Faith : With pleasure. T & rsquo; was saying that Archaeus daemon is a kind of super-demon ? Not really an Ancient, but more powerful than average ?

Angel : He sent an assassin. We just kill a few minutes ago. In fact, we are getting ready to go hunting the demon, but I wanted t & rsquo; d talk & rsquo; first. The dreams were many & rsquo; Archaeus, and he has agents on hand to do the dirty work.

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Angel : Worse, it controls a portal to a hell dimension. Giles said that if we did & rsquo; not stop, Archaeus could transform our world into Disneyland Demonic.
Faith : But what is the relationship with what is happening here ?

Angel : If Archaeus s & rsquo; interested at this school, c & rsquo; is that & rsquo; there is more than just vampires who feed Random. Something is wrong.
Faith : The situation in & rsquo; St School. Cuthbert is worse that & rsquo; we thought, but t & rsquo; not worried, Angel, on s’en occupe. If Archaeus looking for something specific, we find that c & rsquo; is.
Angel : Comment va Fred ? I m & rsquo; worried that & rsquo; it is mingled with all this. I mean, I know that & rsquo; it is perfectly capable of…

Faith : I keep an eye on her. In all honesty, I'm glad that & rsquo; m & it rsquo; aid.
Angel : Front and center, branleur. They distribute swords. Mince, c’était Spike. I have to go.
Faith : A kiss to the little Giles.

Angel : One more thing. I'm sorry not to be by your side to ensure your back. I know you're a Slayer and that you can get by you alone, but you still need reinforcement. And… well… I & rsquo; can I have an idea.

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The next morning…

Mother Mary : Mary ? Mary, you want tea ?
Mary : I'll just sit in my room, mother. Can be read a little.

Girls : I mean, you saw that & rsquo; she wore ? J & rsquo; I almost drop my cookie so c & rsquo; was…
Mary : That & rsquo; is what you have done ?!

Blond girl : What do you speak ?
Mary : You know it very well ! N & rsquo; not try to lie to me. I had to come in & rsquo; & rsquo school aujourd; hui to tell you to leave me alone !

Blond girl : Well, well, the kitten has claws now ? Purr for me, kitten.

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Angel and Faith Angel and Faith

Investigating and nightmares Angel on missing students, Faith and Fred have discovered that a group of vampires ruled the private school St. Cuthbert, where they work undercover. As they seek the source of these teens vampires, Slayer and science come into dangerous territory when they discovered their formidable enemy !
Release : 5 August 2015 (USA)