During the Comic Con of San Diego, Juliet Landau (Drusilla) gave some interviews, therefore for the site Too Fab, where she talks about Buffy the Vampire Slayer, his relationship with his fans and his next documentary on vampires Titles “A Place Among the Undead”.

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Here the video interview, and translation just after :

Reporter : When you come to an event like this one, Is that the fans are still crazy about the idea of ​​seeing you ? Because it's a moment that the series is complete.
Juliet : The series has a fan base so massive that it does not seem to diminish. On the contrary, it only grow and people continue to watch the series again and again. It really is amazing and I'm lucky to be part of this universe.

Reporter: Especially now, Pivot channel broadcasts the show again, So do you meet some new fans ?
Juliet : Yes, and I believe it is being broadcast on ABC Family. So there are always so many fans that come with their box.

Reporter: Are there some who come and call you Drusilla ?
Juliet : Yes ! They shout “Dru, Dru !” And what's crazy, is that I continue to go back when I hear that name. Most of the time they tell me: “You're so different from your character”. And I answered : “thank God, she was crazy”, I add “You know I'm not really a vampire eh ?”.
Reporter : No you're not crazy.
Juliet: Not, finally.. just a little.

Reporter: You have already seen some crazy stuff coming from the fans, as tattoos ?
Juliet : Yes, it's funny because once, a young man came to show me this amazing tattoo on his body, with all the characters of the series, except Dru ! And I said, : “What ?? but why ??” Et il m’a dit : “I know, I still have it done”. Of course, I saw incredible things. One woman even changed, legally, Drusilla his name in Summers. Like this, she names Dru and Buffy together, and was formally.
Reporter: The series has amazing fans.
Juliet : Yes. And once, I was at the gym, and the woman behind the counter yelled “Oh mon dieu!” and power is left saying that she was afraid of me. I told him: “I'm just an actress, I just do my sport”.

Reporter : What are your favorite episodes ?
Juliet : I have three that I love. The first is the 2×03 Attack Sunnydale, which introduces James Marsters and myself in the series; It was really nice to finally put one foot in this world. The following is the episode 2×10 Homecoming, Angel in the series, where Julie Benz and I kill a whole bunch of lawyers. There is also the episode 2×13 Innocence Buffy I am super strong and where there is the big blue demon.

Reporter : Angel ou Spike ?
Juliet : You liabilities, I always said it was a difficult job, when you go to work and you're told you : Good, I can be having to embrace James (Spike) and David (Angel)... It's very hard to choose.

Reporter : You're always in contact with the other cast members ?
Juliet : Yes, it is still very friends. Exactly, in my documentary, on a pu interviewer Joss Whedon.

Reporter: Tell us a little about your documentary.
Juliet : A Place Among the Undead is becoming THE phenomenon documentary on vampires. C’est incroyable car on a pu interviewer Tim Burton, Joss Whedon, Gary Oldman, Willem Dafoe, Anne Rice, Kevin Grevioux who created the Underworld series, Robert Patrick, Charlaine Harris, who wrote the novels The Southern Vampire Mysteries (True Blood) and many others. And there are so many people who want to be part we will launch a Crowd Funding (genre de Kickstarter). For all information, we must go to the website www.aplaceamongtheundead.com

Credit — via Too Fab