Tom Lenk NerdgasmIn addition to his film career, Tom Lenk (Andrew Wells in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel against) in particular made one man show and musicals like Rock of Ages or Grease. In 2011, Tom Lenk embarked on a tour of the United States and Canada with a one man musical show entitled Nerdgasm (literally “un orgasme de Nerd”). In this show, Tom geek shared anecdotes about his roles but also his life and status of gay actor. Achieving one of his dreams, Tom the chance to make his final representation Festival Fringe d’Edimbourg, the largest arts festival in the world scene.

Tom decided to shoot a documentary about the creation of his show until his last performance in Scotland. The 6 June 2011, He then launches campaign Kickstarter to subsidize its author project 15 000$. 20 days later, the project is fully funded with a total of 20 898$.

Originally entitled "Who do I think I am ?” ("To which I find myself ?” en VF) documentary resurfaced four years later, in March, as well as her show Nerdgasm and is presented to the Vail Film Festival in the state of Colorado. A week later, the documentary is broadcast at the Boston LGBT Film Festival. He is from the tower several festivals throughout the United States.

Tom Lenk Nerdgasm

The official synopsis :
Tom Lenk has always dreamed of making a representation of his One Man Show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the largest arts festival in the world scene. This documentary follows the journey of Tom in geek culture as he prepares to make his dream but to fight his own demons at the same time.

This "dorkumentaire"As he called, mi-documentaire mi-“dork” (a dork being a person with strange interests), is also partly a show movie. Nerdgasm takes us backstage at his show unusual where Tom Lenk delivers us his unusual creative process, exciting but also a little lazy on the edges. Of the show's rehearsals in the small Theatre Row in Los Angeles to his final performance in a large grand and historic theater in England, Tom troops, on this trip, to satisfy his personal geek obsession around Scotland exploring the unknown city, following in the footsteps ofHarry Potter but also mythology Loch Ness and delicious sausage rolls. The sparkling and neurotic personality Tom will be on stage at the event in the Scottish Highlands in a room full of nostalgic fans of the time "Buffy”.

The only information we have about this documentary is its director Andrew Putschoegl and duration (87my) and two posters. No trailer or official release planned for now.

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