- The episode #17 entitled Old Demons, part 2 (Veterans Demons, part 2) came out aujourd & rsquo; hui, 22 July, United States. This is the 17th episode of Season 10 and the second episode of & rsquo; eponymous arc (to be in three parts). Vous trouverez, below, the couvertures, the preview et surtout la review complète the episode. Bonne lecture 🙂

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In the episode #17 season 10 of Buffy, Angel is back to help Buffy and the group to fight an ancient demon called Archaeus. Reminder, Archaeus can easily handle Spike and Angel as they are both out of his line of vampires. The previous episode ended in a fight where the group could identify where Archaeus located. But if the main plot arc “Old Demons” is the destruction of Archaeus, arc does not play unless the importance of tensions between the characters and all along, we are entitled to the resolutions of the problems among our heroes.

Angel and Alex finally discuss what happened at the end of the season 8, FINALLY met Dawn Angel for real (Moreover she said herself) and the scene is quite touching, and Andrew Angel proudly announces he is gay affirmed, what Angel answers “You did was not before ?”. The small meeting takes place rather well (except for Spike) and it is time to return to their mission. And when it comes to choosing the team, Buffy is very hesitant about Angel and that's what is great because it follows on from previous seasons. Buffy no longer fully (and blindness) Angel trust. Christos Gage, writer, includes each character and group interaction are then really turned, as if the scenes were in the TV series.

The whole passage in the sewers of the city is really great and I have really wanted to see all those scenes in the TV series. The Scooby Gang is then separated into two teams. on the one hand, Buffy, Spike, Andrew et Dawn, and other Angel, Alex, Giles et Willow. Christos Gage advantage of these moments to give each character are little moment of glory, de discussion. Thereby, the view of Angel was a side that is advised by Willow, and other, Spike is support by Dawn trying to reassure him about his relationship with Buffy. After a short fight, it was the turn of Alex and Angel to trust, and one of the highlights of the episode is when Angel says he understands what Alex Dawn feels about memory loss. He then mentions “Connor” (for the first time on Buffy) and finally told him that the most important thing is to build “real” souvenirs. Buffy, it, takes the advice of Andrew, who here, plays the role of life coach. The path that Andrew made since season 6 de Buffy m’impressionnera toujours.

Finally, they all reached their goal and find Archaeus. Everyone is ready for attack, Slayer, Vampires, wizards, Besides humans ..., Some panels are really excellent and Rebekah Isaacs delivers us a good fight. Add to that a choice of particularly strong colors and you have an episode at the limit of perfection. I especially like the Giles team, Andrew, Dawn and Alex tries to destroy the magical artifact, while Buffy, Angel, Spike et Willow affrontent le Big Bad (Note that Willow is downright bad-ass and impressive !). And what of that purpose that makes us just say “Noooon !! I can not wait 1 month !”

To conclude, this number has a little time; Romance, action, character development, personal problems, and a story that is really well written ! This episode #17 is a small pearl in the screenplay as level as artistic level. I did not expect something special this arc, especially the character of Angel (on Buffy) does not really inspire me, but in the end it's a big surprise. This meeting between Spike, Angel and Buffy was perfectly staged by Christos Gage and we feel that this arc is important for the rest of the season 10.