The preview l’episode 18 season 10 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer were unveiled. This is the third (and final) part of the arc Old Demons. Apparently Buffy says goodbye to Angel…


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Andrew : Spectral analysis confirms that there are several wards. Giles, we will need you to destroy them if we want to touch this stuff !

Giles : I'm a little busy right now !
Alex : I hate to say this, but I do not think we can hold out much longer without you. They are too hard to kill !

Dawn : We get overwhelmed by here…

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Buffy : If you really want to kill someone, I have a better suggestion for you !
Spike : Rather said to him ! It was he who crazy shit !

Archaeus : Slayers of the past knew that the emotional attachment was a weakness.

Archaeus: One lesson you will learn too late.

Willow : Ca depend à qui tu t’attaches, not ?

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Willow : Unnh…
Buffy : Want !
Archaeus : Dies, witch !

Buffy : Are you hurt…
Willow : I've had worse. But I can fight.
Buffy : Together then.
Willow : Usually it works all the time, but this time…

Willow : It will not be enough.

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L & rsquo; benefit (have super great friends) that & rsquo; Buffy was facing the powerful demon is about to lead to its loss when Archaeus Spike and Angel strength to fight the & rsquo; against one & rsquo; another.
Release : 19 August 2015 (USA)