Christos Gage, writer of the season 10 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in comics gave an interview for the site Entertainment Weekly. As we enter the second part of the season 10, Buffy and Spike must participate in a “Tournament of Champions” organized by the vampire Harmony Kendall. In addition to the interview, The episode covers #21 are unveiled.

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buffy season 10 comics couverture buffy season 10 comics couverture

Entertainment Weekly : Can you talk a little about this new arc ?
Christos Gage : This is the arc where the threat this season really starts to be present. Without much spoiler, I can say that the danger is going to affect the world. Our hero will have to be sized for the face. For some people, it means working harder, to ally with other people – or other – with whom they would not have wanted to ally before.

EW : Do you feel that Buffy and Spike have especially evolved for the comics ?
Christos : That's why we thought it would be interesting to get them out together for this season. They are very different than what they were during the season 6. Of course, this brings with it new challenge. And that's what I love about comics. One can make the characters grow and change. Watch as Willow has evolved this season 1 to 7. The fact that Joss encourages this character development is, for me, which makes them interesting.

EW : I love the drawings that made Megan Levens in recent episodes. Does it been fun to invent new monsters and see them in “real” thanks to the designers ?
Christos : Megan was wonderful, as our official designer, Rebekah Isaacs, and of course our colorist Dan Jackson. They all have a natural talent ! Regarding the arc in question, I gave Megan a few monsters to draw – new members of the Councils among others Magic – and it has done successfully. Megan and Rebekah both have huge facilities came to invent monsters from another dimension, while giving them emotions. C’est un talent rare, and it is crucial for Comics. Fortunately, trust that I carry in them are reflected in my scripts. I know Megan and Rebekah often leave me the words to say how much she loves an episode or character, and although I too made the (too often), sometimes I'm so fascinated by a page or a scene I said that I must congratulate the. On s’amuse bien, and I hope it sees this.

EW : One thing I love most of all about Buffy, is that the series focuses on family and friendship. I feel that in the season 10 we see it a lot and this is the reason I love reading.
Christos : Thank you ! The reason is continuously read the characters this is, not ? We are all aware that since the end of the TV series, this is the first time that the Scoobies are all together, so it seemed important to concentrate above this. Of course, the period we are exploring – grow up and define what will become – is very interesting. This is the period when some of us are moving away from their high school friends while making important choice for our future. It could not happen to Scoobies, if ? Is it possible that the Big Bad of the season 10 ... or the fact of growing up ?

EW : Can you tell us a little something of the episode #21 ?
Christos : What do you think of a name ? Satsu. And Vicki back the vampire, Harmony et Clem.

Source — via Entertainment Weekly