Buffy the Vampire Slayer is can be the series the most beloved of his generation, and the fact that we always talk about it today, long after its creators and actors to be passed to other thing, proves how well she was thinking. But where there are great storyline, there is generally very painful moments. Buffy is one of those series that we love so much character that it breaks our hearts when something happens to them.

The loss of a loved one, the loss of a love, due to a daemon or disease, because one person or because of the Apocalypse, Buffy a son lot de moments choquants. The site What Culture you lists 10 the most shocking moments in the series.

#10. Cassie can not be saved

Cassie Newton Buffy Help Prediction
In the episode 7.04 Prediction, actress Azura Skye plays the role of Cassie Newton, a student at Sunnydale High who has premonitions and is certain to die soon. It speaks to the new high school counselor who is none other than Buffy Summers.

Buffy, true to itself, moving heaven and earth to save Cassie, with the help of scooby gang. And we expected no less from them because Cassie is usually an easy character to love. Elle est adorable, more sad, and could be a nice addition to the Scooby gang. We pray that it almost becomes good friends with Dawn and make party group.

It therefore breaks our hearts when we see that despite everything that made Buffy, Cassie can not be saved. It is neither a mystic causes, nor magic who kills, but heart disease.

#9. Spike on the cross

Spike's story arc in the series is legendary. With one vampire who was to die at the first episode (2.03 Attack Sunnydale), it becomes this complex character that evolves with the seasons. Although it appears that once in season 3, from the season 4 he returns for good and, until the end of the series to become one of the most popular characters of Buffy.

However, Marti Noxon when took the reins of the realization of Buffy (because Joss Whedon was overwhelmed), it adds a touch more personal, and not for the better. Noxon has created a storyline for Spike that has upset many fans, including attempted rape.

And it has yet to create a new storyline more surprising. Spike is gone retrieve his soul finally totally haunted by guilt. The most shocking moment was when Spike surrounds its arms of the cross, in the church, and lets her skin burn while asking Buffy : “Can we reste now, Buffy ?”

#8. Angelus tue Jenny

Jenny Calendar was a fairly popular character in the first season of Buffy, and one of only Giles loves the fans have really approved. Proving that opposites attract, the modern young woman, professor of computer science and was technopaïenne Yin Yang librarian,.

However, we quickly learned that she is part of a gypsy clan that has bewitched Angelus to make him his soul. When Angel lost his soul, it became the number one target 1. Angelus then had everything planned, breaking the neck with Jenny and her body in bed Giles, surrounded by red roses, in a romantic atmosphere.

When Giles finds Jenny, her pain becomes our pain. The series takes a turn since this is the first time that a main character dies. The death of Jenny is not only hard to accept, but it is also the time when Buffy becomes a series a little darker and “adult”.

#7. Spike was beaten and tortured to death, and Buffy realizes

Gloria proved to be one of the best, if not THE best, Big Bad de la série. Goddess exiled from its own dimension, forced to live together in the body of a mortal named Ben, Gloria was the best of the best. Blonde in red dress, Humorous and brittle distributed, she was one of the most dangerous enemies that Buffy had never fought, although sometimes it was a little silly.

One of the most moving moments is when Spike is captured and tortured by Gloria to know where the Key. Having made a promise to Buffy, he will never reveal his secret and will beat and torture as it ever was.

Buffy learns that when she passed for Buffybot that Spike had built. When Buffy, acting as a robot, innocently asks why he did not tell what he knew Gloria, He then responds : “If something happens to Dawn, ça the tuerait. I could not live with that.” Buffy and then places the first kiss TRUE.

#6. Buffy sacrifices

The dead can of course is one of the most shocking moments. Until the end of the 5th season, the rest of the fans favorite character Buffy, and sacrifices to save the world is exactly why fans love time. She prefers to sacrifice for the good of humanity, and for his sister.

Then comes the reaction of his friends, around his lifeless body, at the end of the episode.

#5. Alex saves the world with his speech on the yellow pencil

Alex était le Joss Whedon de Buffy, Gentleman-all-the-world, powerless, without magic, but with a lot of heart. He was always there for his friends.

It therefore naturally surprised everyone when it was he who confronts Dark Willow at the end of the season 6. The speech he made him (to save the world) is the most moving.

“The first day of kindergarten, you cried because you broke the yellow crayon and you were too afraid to tell anyone. You’ve come pretty far. Ending the world – not a terrific notion… But the thing is… yeah, I love you. I love crayon-breaky Willow and I love scary, veiny Willow. So if I’m goin’ out, it’s here. If you wanna kill the world, well, then start with me. I’ve earned that.”

It was one of the best times of Alex.

#4. Buffy tue Angel

Buffy tue Angel
What can be more difficult than to kill the one you love ? Think you kill his evil alter-ego, Just before realizing he had become himself. Worse : he has no idea why you push him a sword in the belly.

But Buffy had no choice. Angelus had already opened the portal Acathla and would have absorbed the world into hell.

She was so affected that she left town, without leaving Sunnydale Slayer, affecting us as much.

#3. Buffy, torn from paradise

“I think I was in heaven.”

When Buffy sings what she thinks in the episode The Spectacle Begins, the eyes of his friends breaks our heart. After all, they have risen thinking she was in hell.

However, it seems that is the fact that she confides in Spike shocks us most. Why ? Because it emphasizes that she can not tell her best friends, not to hurt the, and to imply that they have snatched from Paradise, where she felt good and accomplished.

One could almost think it's worse than dying, especially for Slayer who had sacrificed himself for the good of humanity.

#2. Tara dies in Willow arm

Tara Death Buffy Willow
Tara's death, caused by a stray bullet meant for Buffy, Warren's hands has often been criticized by fans as an unnecessary screenwriting process. And especially, Tara's character did not deserve that. Although there is some truth, fan reaction well showed the popularity of the character. Joss Whedon and his team have done a great job by writing his character, as did Amber Benson by playing.

Yet, see and review its violent and sudden dead – by a bullet from a gun and not a monster or magic – shocks us to the highest point. It was too can be real in a supernatural series.

Nowadays, Willow and Tara remains one of the most popular couples lesbians TV. When the United States finally legalized gay marriage in all states, Twitter exploded with reference to this couple.

#1. Buffy finds her mother dead in her home

The death of a parent is never easy. Be the first lodge – or find the body – is much worse. There is nothing that can prepare you for this moment. Nothing you can do, nothing to change this finality is death.

The incredible episode 5.16 Orphan, focuses on the subject with such a reality (no music, and almost no supernatural element) it looks almost another series. Towards the end of the episode, when a vampire wakes up in the morgue, it's almost like a return to “reality” after this event that seems almost unreal it is so raw and hard.

This episode is a pillar in the Buffy series and is also one of the most shocking moments.

Source — via whatculture.com