Ever wondered what it meant doors in the series of Joss Whedon ? For you, they were only wood or sometimes metal, Buffy but always managed to open a good kick. Of Manuel Betancourt, a young man passionate about video (and Buffy), doors in the heart of the series. He was interested in meaning doors in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Find, below, Video analysis, and the translation just after.

[vimeo url=”https://vimeo.com/135055005″] Video made by Manuel Betancourt

There is something that always intrigued me about this kind of running joke. Although at first it was only a inexplicable obsession do open a door, it quickly became a true obsession.

I soon realized that the doors was a central element of the series. After that, I did thinking about it. Doors are everywhere. That opens, be destroyed or it closes. And also of course, that smashes the kick.

What I mean is that the series depends on a single door. [Et là Buffy dit, “Welcome to the Hell Mouth”] It is they that keep vampires from entering. It is not surprising that in the season 5, the goal is to find a “key” to open a “gate”. What is a recurring scenario rather qu'auront noticed the fans of the series.

You see, in the world of Buffy, doors hide secrets. They are metaphors of the loss of spirit or accept his addiction. Sometimes she mourns, and symbolizes fear. They help to create intimacy, and remind us of people we lost. They can offer us hope, or despair.

Indeed, close the door finally the gift of Buffy.

Credit — via Manuel Betancourt