- The episode #17 season 10 d’Angel & Faith entitled “Those Who Can’t Teach, Teach Gym” and was released on 5 July Last our American friends. This episode is the second part of the eponymous bow and directs Faith and Fred who investigate a series of mysterious murder at a school ! Vous trouverez, below, the couvertures and review the episode. Bonne lecture 🙂

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This second episode of the arc “Those you can’t Teach, Teach Gym” is directly following the first episode of the arc. After the discovery of the body of Meredith, la bad girl de l’école St. Cuthbert, Faith and Brandt maintain the mysterious events that take place in this school. Undercover, Faith poses as the sports teacher, and Fred pretends to be the cook in the canteen, a role that it does not necessarily well (and that does not seem to really enjoy elsewhere). Just after, Faith Angel skype for news and to tell him what's going on, and as Angel seems to be very concerned by it all, believing that the mysterious murders are related Archaeus, Faith seems more interested in the couple Spike + Buffy. (And honestly, who did not ?)

Small reminder of the story, Archaeus is a vampire ancient demon that spawned Master, which itself generated Darla, Angelus who made his crime partner, Angel then led Drusilla that spawned Spike. You follow ? All that to say that they are all connected to their grandfather's great-great Archaeus, where dreams / nightmares and the fact that he can mentally control.

The next, Faith returns to school to continue its investigation and falls on the gentle Mary, which was supposed to stay home safe. But it wanted to confront the bad girls trio (which, we are sure now, are vampires) to make them confess their crimes. Unfortunately, the three girls do not appreciate that Mary confided to Faith and decides to kill her. They soon realize that Faith is a killer when girls is to dust. A few seconds after, Fred arrives just in time with a crossbow and kill a second daughter group. Bam ! She got what she deserved. (Well yes it had mocked Fred said : “Drop it girls, it's just the canteen”)

For his part, Mary, always in love with the handsome high school (who was dating the popular girl found dead), will tell him everything ! Thinking to do well, she tells him that Meredith (his dead ex-girlfriend) was murdered by three girls, and must get to safety. Oddly, it does not seem surprised until he reveals his true face vampire ... ! Shane (the boy), then turns to someone saying “What do you think, Mistress ? Are you sure she's the one you want ?” We now understand that the school group of vampires led by Drusilla ... this is the connection to the Archaeus !

To summarize, this 17th episode of Angel & Faith was pretty exciting, continuous plot and becomes more and more interesting and we see that everything is connected. The general story line of the show is taking place even in the moment, everything is still a blur, but I think it will become much better when Angel returns to London. Being a fan of the dynamic between Angel and Faith, I think it can only be beneficial. I must confess against by the bad-ass combo between Faith and Fred is pretty cool and it works well. And now with the arrival of Drusilla ... the brunettes trio could become very interesting for the rest of the season !