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Today, je vous ais concocté un récapitulatif, the past week, de la vie sociale de nos acteurs préférés sur les réseaux sociaux. Vous trouverez donc ici les photos et les statuts postés par les acteurs du Buffyverse sur Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhoSay.

You will find here Photos and Articles posted by Buffyverse actors on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhoSay.

At & rsquo; honor : Nathan Fillion, Felicia Day, David Boreanaz, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Julie Benz, Anthony Stewart Head, Clare Kramer, Emma Caulfield, Tom Lenk, Adam Busch, Charlie Weber.

Nathan Fillion

The 23 August : “Conning with @randallslavin, cool style.”
[spoiler][/spoiler] Instagram

Felicia Day

The 20 August : “#3 on the New York Times bestseller list this week?!? Holy crap. Thank you guys for this amazing community. Weird wins. <3 #neverweird" [spoiler][/spoiler] Instagram
The 21 August : “Mint Mojito iced coffee from Philz. #sanfrancisco #neverweird”
[spoiler][/spoiler] Instagram
The 22 August : “Not to insult anyone at the signing events, but Emmie was the cutest. #Never weird”
[spoiler][/spoiler] Instagram

David Boreanaz

The 22 August : “Never know who u will run into at the local Deli. Name the #Bones original cast member.”
[spoiler][/spoiler] Twitter

Sarah Michelle Gellar

The 20 August : “The #dreamteam Been with me over 11years and counting. Team makes the dream #glamsquad @mararoszak @rachel_goodwin @taraswennenlifeinstyle”
[spoiler][/spoiler] Instagram

Julie Benz

The 17 August : “Doing a little ADR for A Charming Christmas (aka The Secret Life of Mrs Claus)…. I spy @sutcliffedavid”
[spoiler][/spoiler] Instagram

Anthony Stewart Head

The 21 August : “That’s me too #Dominion ”
[spoiler][/spoiler] Twitter

Clare Kramer

The 19 August : “Travel Tuesday back to the Grand Canyon a few weeks ago…. Need to do more nature vacations! So many beautiful places to enjoy in America.”
[spoiler][/spoiler] Instagram

Emma Caulfield

The 23 August : “That time @karribowmanphotog @karrijune took another sick photo of me. #VanityFair #vibes #emmacaulfieldapprovesthismessage #saturday #friends”
[spoiler][/spoiler] Instagram

Tom Lenk

The 21 August : “@eddsthetics wiped up the floor with us today!!! trainingmate 💦💦💦💦💢🔥💥”
[spoiler][/spoiler] Instagram

Adam Busch

The 21 August : “…”
[spoiler][/spoiler] Instagram

Charlie Weber

The 23 August : “#Lazysunday”
[spoiler][/spoiler] Instagram