- The episode #18 entitled Old Demons, part 3 (Veterans Demons, part 3) was released 19 Last August the US. This is the 18th episode of Season 10 and the third and final episode of the eponymous arc. Vous trouverez, below, the couvertures, the preview et surtout la review complète the episode. Bonne lecture 🙂

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The 18th episode of season 10 Buffy the Vampire cons marks the end of the rainbow Old Demons and the end of Cross Over between Buffy and Angel. Indeed, We stop a few seconds to comment on this beautiful cover designed by Steve Morris. It impresses both in the quality of the drawing (and color) at the level of meaning. Buffy's “loose” Angel while it detaches her cross necklace he had given her in season 1. The symbolism is powerful enough here since Buffy feels Angel gives up for good by throwing the cross which always connected to it.

As for the episode itself, it is a direct result of the previous episode where Angel had stuck a sword in the belly of Spike. Manipulated by the devil Archaeus, Angel n’arrive pas (unlike Spike) to resist its influence. Spike assistance to resume mind when comparing Archaeus and Angel's father, to whom he always wanted to obey for approval. We are entitled to quite nice flashbacks that remind us of the season 2 of Buffy. Parallel, we have the right to beautiful (powerful) scenes between Buffy and Willow that combine their strength. Do as little time to abscond qu'Archaeus, especially when Buffy destroyed the little magic chest (which holds the key to open the dimensions for demons). Unfortunately, what they do not see, is that the Sculptor (demon resembling flesh and members) fled with the pieces of chests !

The gang has some respite while since D'Hoffryn scolds them by telling them that the Sculptor stole the pieces of chests. No victory for our hero coming out of this battle with a bitter taste in the mouth. Finally, each returns to his little life as Angel asks to speak with Spike. He seems to have accepted them that he and Buffy are together. Angel and Buffy are also discussing a few minutes where have seen that all is forgiven, and that their relationship seems more mature than before. And then, il s’en va…

In the hallway of the building, Willow accompanies Angel where it shows its true colors : It has in fact not at all accepted the relationship between Buffy and Spike, stating that it will not last, that vampires never change. All his little speech with Buffy and Spike was only a smoke screen since he not think half. On sent qu’Angel n’a pas évolué, nor changed, nor accepted. Yet Buffy has made his choice.

The 18th episode was very good, both in terms of drawing writing. He concludes very well bow Old Demons and therefore presents a frame for the rest of the season : Archaeus brought together three old demons : The mistress, Sculptor and Ames Devourer, and, all they want to open a door to demonic dimensions to invade the world. The story is laid, solid, well built ! Our heroes set their different, become stronger and more united than ever. This second part of the season looks very good. Strongly after !