In 2013, Claire Guyot, the French voice of Buffy Summers, attended the show “It was a voice”, created by Nathalie Karsenti. But it is that a few days ago that Claire's interview was broadcast on Youtube.

Dubber, actress, a singer, she speaks including its major projects like Mamma Mia!, The Little Mermaid, but also Desperate Housewives (Teri Hatcher and she particularly likes) and… Buffy the Vampire Slayer et bien sûr Sarah Michelle Gellar.

I let you discover this little interview to discover, or rediscover, Clare Guyot.

I love the double. It was not the same age but has a mature game that interests me. After Buffy, it was still very adolescence, so it amused me because it was fresh and funny and we fought all the time so it was nice. But it is true that in Sex Intention, it has a maturity that did not correspond to her age. She was very young, she had 27 years.Claire Guyot Sarah Michelle Gellar and Buffy

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Video Credit : A program created by Nathalie Karsenti