The 27 August latest, actress Julie Benz (Darla dans Buffy et Angel) was the guest of Talk-Show “Home & Family” about Hallmark Channel, oriented chain Family. She had already come on the set in previous years, and it is with great pleasure she returns to talk about his series Defiance.

Here are photos the issuance, click on thumbnails to view full size. (The videos are just after)

Talk Shows & Interviews | 2015 > 27 August 2015 | Julie Benz – Home & Family

In the first video, Julie Benz and the team of talk show learn to burn a watermelon to turn it into decorative bowl.

And in the second video, Julie Benz prepares the recipe Cherry tomatoes Horseradish Sauce Marinade Grilled Shrimp. She also talks about the last episode of the season 3 de Defiance, broadcast on the channel SyFy stating that she loves livetweeter episode with fans. It also reveals that even the tress of hair in series to its own Fanbase.

Source — via Hallmark Channel