The site SyFy UK has established a ranking of 10 episodes of Buffy too underrated by fans, and thus too easily forgotten that those who are nevertheless very good.

Forget Orphan, Acathla, L'Apocalypse or Silence of Death, and discover 10 episodes that are can not be as powerful and shocking, but equally well written.

#10 – Disappearance on Campus

Season 4 is definitely the season where fans have the most mixed review of the history of the series. And even if Adam is probably not the most memorable of Big Bads (or even the strongest and terrifying), the season still has highlights; Including the first episode of the season introduces an enemy du jour we all loved to hate. Prétentieuse, franche et vampire super bitchy, Sunday is more than happy to point out to their overwhelming ignorance Scoobies face this terrible world that is college. This episode is a perfect transition between two seasons, summarizing the spirit of the season 4.

#9 – The Marriage of Buffy

The Marriage of Buffy episode is one of the most season ass-ass the praline that can offer incredible stupidity times and laughter. However, the important point remains the emotion Willow vehicle throughout the episode due to the departure of Oz. Thus, Willow's spell rebounds and each of its desires fulfilled. Giles goes blind, Alex becomes a magnet demons, and Buffy and Spike want to marry, starting for many the ship * Buffy / Spike.
(*Ship : name used in series / movies to describe a couple)

#8 – Chocolate Effect

Another spectacularly clever / funny idea (bewitched adults eat chocolate that make them act like teenagers) is carried out by memorable performances and well played. Especially Anthony Stewart Head et Kristine Sutherland and their characters, Giles et Joyce, and their dynamics during the episode. The fans then realize they are alike can be more than they admit in real life. This will also lead to one of the greatest laughter in the series : When Buffy learns that her mother and Giles had sex on a police car. (twice!)

#7 – Forever ...

Orphan, and understandably, is a masterpiece of the series for the fans as well as those who have never seen the series entirely for the amazing picture of the death and the loss of a loved one he displays. It is normal for the next episode, Forever ..., to be a little more forgotten and lost in the mass. Whether friends or family who comforts you (Salut Angel!) or incomprehension and despair of seeing the being we love one last time (Dawn's resurrection spell), Episode capture perfection with emotion after-shocks the pain of loss and the fact someone to continue his life without it.

#6 – After a Heavy

One of the most intense episodes never aired because it tells the past of the main disturbing Robin Wood (Yay) and gives him something else to do than flirt with Buffy (Double Yay). And most important, the episode draws tortured in the past Spike and disrupts the relationship between Buffy and Giles for several seasons. Betrayal ! Sentiments ! And more !

#5 – Anne

It's very easy to forget the episode Anne, or simply zap it in terms of transition between two seasons, so Buffy (and fans) trying to get used to and adapt to a world free Angel (or Sunnydale). But the episode is “all in one” : Full of action, a demonic dimension, the characters grow, a super weapon that fans love and perfect hair Buffy. It's hard to beat. It is also one of the first times Buffy find themselves alone to get by and it shows us how strong it is.

#4 – Buffy contre Dracula

It is a seasonal departure ! The enticing title the episode that scatters the curiosity of fans through the emergence of a Legend of literature in the world of Buffy, this episode also showed the dark and primal side of Buffy, and so, his inner strength and his prickly replicas. A bonus is credited for making Alex a lackey Dracula, and the largest “What the EUH…” Season the announcement of Buffy's little sister, without giving us an explanation !

#3 – The Evening of Sadie Hawkins

It is rare that the Buffy series draws from the ghostly stories, but this episode of the season 2 capture la tragedy and pain inherently forbidden heart to love. Take the destruction of the couple Buffy and Angel, Giles's melancholy face death Jenny, add flashbacks years 50 and a pinch of magic possession, and you get the best of Buffy : Intelligent, moving and painfully beautiful.

#2 – Inner Voice

Originally delayed because of its proximity to Columbine High School massacre in the US, Inner Voice uses a very clever method (Touched by demon blood, Buffy is contaminated is temporarily gets the power to read minds) to create a really well written history. Although there are some humorous passages (Buffy discovers that his mother slept with Giles), the heart of the story is that a student on the Brink seems to kill all students. This episode is both stressful and touching, especially when the rebound of history is not what it appeared to be from.

#1 – Complicity

Wow. This is the general reaction that people after watching the episode Connivences, an episode that has received Many praise, but has been overlooked because of its lack of integration in the season and because it is not true writing pace in terms of scenario. But you can assign it deserves : Character development to its maximum through this scenario divided into three parts (Buffy is psychoanalyze by a former high school classmate turned vampire, Dawn is haunted by what seems to be the spirit of his mother, Willow is visited by the ghost of Cassie). This episode has an intelligent script and some of the most terrifying and disturbing moments of the series.

Source — via SyFy UK