The 10 March 1997 United States, a small series named Buffy The Vampire Slayer landed on the screens of The WB. After its release, the site The Hollywood Reporter wrote a review of the episode. Here is the original text dating 1997 :

They are strange, they are mysterious and terrifying ... oh wait, that's the Addams Family. Give a facelift, because what we talk about here is a new series called Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sarah Michelle Gellar in the lead role.

The series began with a double episode of two hours, whose story begins where the story of the film 1992 had stopped. Gellar has powers to destroy the forces of evil and protect humanity, skive, Trainer in cemeteries and lying to his mother.

Wholesale, it's as if you mix the Dracula movies Clueless and focusing on a teen high school band, vampires and apocalyptic prophecies.

The first episode, “Welcome to Sunnydale”, Gellar shows (All My Children) trying to integrate into the new school and forget her past. She met La-Plus-Chic-Of-All and queen Cordelia campus, played by Charisma Carpenter (Malibu Shores), which makes him immediately pass a test to know their tastes in fashion.

Buffy also meet new friends and played by Nicholas Brendon Alyson Hannigan. Anthony Stewart Head plays the role of mentor to Buffy stuck humor.

Gellar will be shown touching as super-heroine who just wants a normal life, hanging out with friends and do not create more problems than it has already done in the past, for heaven's sake.

It's so fun to see Gellar to play the Bruce Lee kick your ass when the brigade of the crypt.

This supernatural series has fast and loud music, charming hero and cool special effects for vampires. There is almost no blood at all since vampires fall elegantly dust.

Dialogues fashionable and very well written humor we describe a totally crazy situation in which the actors evolve. There are enough attention focused on high school love affairs and campus rivalries to attract a younger audience enough martial arts and vampires to attract fans of the genre. The witty valves make it easy to love these characters fight the forces of evil and save the world.

The shots and special effects are just awesome in this double episode of two hours.

Written by Michael Farkash for The Hollywood Reporter. Translated by Slayer Revival.

And to put it in the bath, here is the trailer of the first episode of Buffy :