The preview l’episode 19 season 10 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer were unveiled. Il s’agit d’un One-Shot intitulé Freaky Giles Day (en l’honneur du film Freaky Friday avec Lindsay Lohan et Jamie Lee Curtis. And if Giles was again adults… for a day ?


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Giles : You can make me become adult ?

Willow : For one day only. This is not to make you become as before. This is a spell that will make you age prematurely. But I should undo the spell after 48 hours, otherwise you will die. And it only works once ... the cancellation spell will block the spell for good.

Willow : Think about it. Tell me when you want do ...
Buffy : Giles, You heard what she said ?
Alex : Hey, p’tit gars, this is not the time to play Candy Crush. Tinder ... or you're at an age rather bizarre.

Giles : Now, please. Now it would be perfect.

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Dawn : Buffy ! Dad on the phone.
Buffy : And the blow surface wire of Hank Summers is ahead. Tell him I remind.

Dawn : He wants us to eat together at noon tomorrow.
Buffy : Ca sent mauvais. Gender “I spent the inheritance that you must have”. Okay, but he chose the restaurant.

Alex : The doctor is in town Hankenstein ? Last I heard he was in Spain.
Buffy : And now in Silicon Valley. The death of my mother does not return, but a job at a start-up ... and he had rediscovered flights.

Alex : Listens, and I speak of a child from parents, tell us, flawed ... be careful, Buffy. He will tell you he has changed, and you will want to believe it ...
Buffy : It. Certainly. Alex, this man has exhausted his chances to be the father of the year. I am always careful with him, do not worry.

Buffy : And there are more important things to do. Willow, What can we do to help you ?
Willow : I need these herbs. I'll take care of some more exotic ingredients. Giles and found me at ... say in two hours ?

Giles : It sounds perfect.

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The Giles apartment. Two hours later.

Alex : It goes through puberty in minutes ? You sure acne alone is not going to kill him ?
Willow : It should start in a few seconds.

Giles : I know nothing ... wait.

Giles : Oh, that's it !
Willow : I will stabilize the spell now, it's the best I can do anyway. How are you feeling ?

Giles : Wonderful. Incredible. No. Alex, could I borrow pants ?

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With the & rsquo; with Willow, Giles becomes adult, but the demons that threaten the group feel weakness. Meanwhile, Buffy and Dawn spend some time with their father, Hank Summers.
Release : 23 September 2015 (USA)