— La sortie de l’episode #21 season 10 d’Angel & Faith vient d’être annoncée. This episode, which has no title yet, will be part of a new story arc. If the series ends at 25 episodes, it is possible that this is the last arc of the season.

Below, blankets and summary :

[jumbotron heading=”Angel & Faith Saison 10 #21″ tagline=”Victor Gischler (Writer), Will Conrad (Dessinateur), Michelle Madsen (Coloriste), Scott Fischer (Coverage), Mike Norton (couverture alternative)”]
Angel and Faith Angel and Faith

The attack in London by Magic Town Archaeus and Drusilla and its vampires climaxed, putting together the duo Angel / Faith. Hoping to return the ball to the Big Bads, Faith seeks their new hiding place and Angel drove into a trap… willingly !
Release : 2 December 2015 (USA)