— La sortie de l’épisode #22 season 10 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer vient d’être annoncée. This number is part of a new arc whose name is “In Pieces on the Ground”. Tensions in the air.

[jumbotron heading=”Buffy the Vampire Slayer Saison 10 #22″ tagline=”Christos Gage (Writer), Rebekah Isaacs (Dessinateur), Rebekah Isaacs (couverture alternative), Dan Jackson (Coloriste), Steve Morris (Coverage)”]
Buffy season 10 Buffy season 10

Loyalty to Buffy's Willow questioned when making a decision in the back of the Slayer ... best friends are they éloigneraient ? Always in the back of Buffy, Spike speaks with an old friend who brings a questioning his behavior in his relationship with Buffy.
Release : 23 December 2015 (USA)