Marti Noxon has an impressive career. Although best known for his work alongside Joss Whedon about Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, she also worked on Prison break, Point Pleasant, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Mad Men et Glee.

After some failures as Still Life and Point Pleasant, the talented producer and writer created his own series : UnREAL and Grilfriends Guide To Divorce which began last week. Under the spotlight, the site TVwise interviewed him about his career, including the possibility of a film Buffy ! His answer :

buffy cast saison 1TVWise: There was a wind reboot / revival of a film Buffy lately. If it was to be, how you address the issue of bringing back Buffy the Vampire cons ?

Marti Noxon: This is a difficult question. I will not be part of that if Joss Whedon was also. To be honest, someone asked me a few years ago to make a movie Buffy. But because of a rights issue… Joss no longer has the rights to the film and the series because he sold them to Fran Rubel Kuzui, who directed the film Buffy 1992. So they contacted me to write the new film. But trying to recreate something that Joss has done is probably the worst scenario I can imagine. I have already been accused of trashing Buffy at a time, I certainly do not want to be me again reproach him once ! [laughs]

Source — via TVwise