- The episode #19 season 10 Buffy against the vampires called Freaky Gles Day is now released in the United States. This episode is a one-shot (individual episode) Willow which offers the possibility to become adult Giles for 48. Vous trouverez, below, the couvertures, the preview et surtout la review complète the episode. Bonne lecture 🙂

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The episode #19 “Freaky Giles Day” is a small one-shot who plays the role of screenwriting break this season 10, just as did the episode #10 avec Harmony. This episode then puts aside all the main plot and the various related Archaeus Big Bads and focuses on the character of Rupert Giles, which in my opinion, has too often been set aside for this season. The episode plays with the theme of “Body Swap” (Exchange of body) we saw in the film “Freaky Friday” avec Jamie Lee Curtis et Lindsay Lohan, which is also derived the name of the 19th episode. Here, it is by cons to find at Petit Giles are adult body, for 48.

The episode is separated into several phases : The first shows a Giles again adult who takes full advantage of his physical condition and does what he wants (Hello Olivia). The second shows that Giles is completely overwhelmed, perceiving that the Scooby Gang is doing very well without him. And the third phase is the acceptance, he understands that his friends no longer need him as an observer and he decides to reverse the spell to become a child again and make his life, again.

We pass by several sense we also phase on this story. First one is happy to see that Giles finds his adult body, but is beginning to be sorry for him when all his friends show him that it is outdated. Buffy, for example, no no punches when she told him they do not need an observer, but someone to help them in their lives “normal”. Alex on his side realizes that Giles is of no help when a demon attacks them, and when Giles gives advice to Willow for job, it explains that the world changed. Giles found that really a punishment and you almost wish that child again become.

A few words about Hank Summers : I'm glad he did not return in the life of Buffy as a flower, fully forgiven etc.. On the contrary, Christos Gage did a great job at the scenario to show us that this character has not changed and it is as it has been in the series, that is : ungrateful father. I was glad that Dawn take defense of Buffy. But I think it was necessary in this episode to show the parallel between Hank and Giles. One who has failed as a father figure, and one that tries to be always there for Buffy and Dawn.

The end scene plays its role perfectly conclusion for this episode. She is beautiful and sad at the same time and shows that Buffy still needs Giles but their relationship has evolved. It's a bittersweet end as we call them because it ends well, but we know that Giles will become a child again, paternal relationship that Buffy will interview him again to go. Finally account, this episode shows us nothing more than the characters grow, enter adulthood ... Conversely, Giles, him, again his childhood.