The preview l’episode 19 season 10 d’Angel & Faith are now available. L’épisode s’intitule #19 A Little More Than Kin . The title refers to the first sentence says that the character of Hamlet in Shakespeare's play (En VF, phrase match "A little more than cousin"). Below, Here the preview with translation :


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Girl : C’est ça Magic Town ? What a dump.

Girl : Even the idiots who live here are downright ugly.
Female Demon : What vulgarity !

Fred : Let me help you.
Female Demon : Thank you, my dear. Pesky offenders. Just when I thought this area was safe to live freely.

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Fred : This is not the place to make enemies, morons. There are people here that you do not want to antagonize.
Girl : You do not speak of this snobbish Angel, if ?

Girl : Because we heard that he had left town.

Fred : Fuck. Run !

Girl : During my rabbit !

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Fred : I really need to buy a city map.

Girl : Nowhere to go.
Fred : I warn you !

Vampire 2 : Go, we warn.
Vampire 3 : Yeah, it is downright scared.

Girl : You're alone. Without your guardian angel. Who is going to save you now, my little lamb ?
Fred : N ... No ...

Illyria : NON !

[jumbotron heading=”Angel & Faith Saison 10 #19″ tagline=”Victor Gischler (Writer), Will Conrad (Dessinateur), Michelle Madsen (Coloriste), Scott Fischer (Coverage), Mike Norton (couverture alternative)”]
Angel and Faith Angel and Faith

As Faith and Fred are still reeling from their unresolved business with Drusilla, Angel returns to Magic Town ... and brings with him a Big Bad !
Release : 7 October 2015 (USA)