For several months, Sarah Michelle Gellar announced that’it would double a character in season 2 cartoon “Star Wars Rebels”. At the time unknown, we now know that it will give his voice.

It seems finally that it is not the Jedi since it combines play the role of Seventh Sister Inquisitor (The 7th Sister Confessor). This sophisticated evil Jedi will track with its many tools, including Droids that can take on the appearance of anyone, thus being able to discreetly infiltrate.

This is a original character in the Star Wars universe, created especially for the series, and thus join the dark side. Sarah Michelle Gellar says that a lot of her in his character.

When I record voice, they also filmed my way of moving. Sometimes when I get into character, I do this or that thing with my hands, and one week later, I find these actions in drawings. So I find myself in the character.

Season 2 de Star Wars Rebels commencera le 14 October neighbor.