The preview l’episode 20 season 10 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer were unveiled. This is a one-shot titled Triggers and focuses on the plot of Phantom-Anya.


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Dowling : The Special Victims Unit called us. John Anthony is a consultant at the Centre for Women. It helps women victims of violent relationships. She said a man had followed her to her home. When he arrived at his door, she would call the police. She can not explain why it has not done ... or why she let go.

Dowling : What happened then was not granted. More…

Dowling : ... He did not really forced.

Buffy : They are sure that this is supernatural ? He could have drugged.
Dowling : That's what she thought when she called UVS (Special Victims Unit), but when it gathers information about the history of the Centre for its 40th anniversary, she found it.

Dowling : A photo of a newspaper showing people protesting against the Centre when it opened. She told us that the man in question c”was he. And why is a supernatural event is that ... 40 years later, it has not changed at all.

Buffy & Spike : An Incubus.

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Jean : When he left I asked him when I could see again. 5 minutes later I was horrified. Disgusted with myself. And you say it was magic ... ?
Spike : An Incubus is a demon that feeds on the vital energy of his victims via ... hm ... intimate contact. They have an effect on people .... Mesmerizing to say the little.

Jean : This makes sense. I knew I had not eaten or drunk, so he did not drug me. With my work, I'm still cautious with strangers.
Buffy : These monsters suck the life energy. Victims who survive their attack still feeling a kind of fever.
Jean : Yes ! I could barely get up this morning. I'm just starting to feel a little better. physically at least.

Buffy : I'm sorry it happened to you. We'll catch.
Jean : Thank you. I was so ... so angry against myself. I thought I would not be able to prosecute, because…

Jean : We can talk privately ?
Buffy : Of course.

Dowling : Then. You two ? This is for real, after all this time ?

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Spike : It is so obvious ?
Dowling : You talk to a detective here.
Spike : Hope it no problem.

Dowling : Tu Rigolet ? I'm happy for you two. Honestly, I do not know why you were not already set.
Spike : Yeah, we had problems .... Not only together. But in our general relationship. It never ends well.

Dowling : I would never say it, but what she said, Buffy seems to me to be the kind of person who walks away as soon as it gets too serious.
Spike : Hm. Or she pushes a sword in the belly of the guys. Of course, I'm not white either ...

Jean : I advised women victims of sexual abuse in ten years. I am also a. And I know how the victim is accused. She blames herself. Yet, I was there to do some thing I did not mean to. I felt compelled to do that with him, even if everything in my being told me to stop.

Buffy : You withdraw your freedom to choose. But he'll pay for it. And I promise you ... we will make sure that it can not do harm to anyone.

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Xander and Spike Apartment.

Mother : Alex, you have not left the apartment for days. You look like a caveman.
Alex : I'm on the verge of having the rank of pro gaming Pimp Slap 4.
Mother: Je t’organiserai une parade. There is a shower on the other side of the door.

Alex : You can feel ?
Mother: Not, but I can see you're dirty. Think of the kittens. They can feel you.
Alex : It's not mind.

Alex : Wait a second. They can see you ! This means that you are really there, and not an imagination of my tortured mind.
Mother : Hm, I had not thought. I guess it's nice to know that I exist in a certain way.

Alex : It is really good. Because it means that I'm not just sitting here hiding the world. I train with someone I've always enjoyed the company more than any other.

Mother : Alex, it is…

Mother : ... A pathetic way to streamline. And moves a little, I hate it when you cross me. I remember that I can not make love.

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Buffy : Alex, you could ... oh my god, something died here or what ?
Spike : The dignity and esteem of Harris apparently. It is they who moldy.
Alex : Hey ! I could have been naked, was doing stuff ... we do naked !

Buffy : First: Ew. Secondly : You've heard about cats and wanted to not get caught when the wind knocks. I know you're between jobs. And I know that the situation is not great with Dawn. But you must do something. And we have a job for you.
Spike : Dowling needs a supernatural advisor. It is busy on another matter. We thought you and Giles could you charge.

Alex : I do not know. The last time I was with Giles, a monster from hell to almost eat me raw.
Buffy : Giles had lost his powers. It's better now. And this is just a simple exorcism. If it gets complicated, appelles Willow. She has just started her new job, but it will help you.

Mother : Go, on s’en charge ! I could be your associate invisible ghost. It will be a super detective series that was never written !

Alex : I can have a badge ?

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In a case reinforcement mixing and supernatural crimes, Buffy and Spike discover that Incubus takes women targets for San Francisco. Meanwhile, Xander and Giles are working on a spell that exorcism raises some questions about the phantom Anya.
Release : 21 October 2015 (USA)