- The episode #19 season 10 d’Angel & Faith entitled “A Little More Than Kin” and was released today, 7 October our American friends. Vous trouverez, below, the couvertures and review the episode. Bonne lecture 🙂

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The 19th episode is the beginning of a new arc that marks the return of Angel in London after his quick visit to Buffy in San Francisco. He finds Fred, Faith, Koh Eldre and two aunts Giles for a meeting that will decide the plan to be adopted. Indeed, after small victory on Archaeus California, they know now that he gathers in London and he found an ally more powerful : Drusilla. Both, they start taking them before, what worries Angel.

In this episode, we see that citizens who were victims of the great battle of London in the previous season, just learning to live freely and openly. Unfortunately, Drusilla and its vampires, under the orders of Archaeus, are designed to control the city. And to do that, Dru needs the “Wrench”. This is likely Nadira.

For his part, Faith and Eldre Koh investigation demons in the local bar for where Archaeus located. Au lieu de ça, she finds a devastated place and bar manager, which is a demon, which begs her to help and assist the citizens of Magic Town. It's always nice to see that Faith is more on track and she really tries to do good around her. Indeed, when she meets the manager, she begins by saying “I…” which shows her involvement, before saying “Us… we'll load”, speaking of her and Angel.

For his part, Fred is also highlighted and shows us that she is recovering rather well, and even gaining strength. She keeps Illyria under control but knows she is always present, and if Fred is in danger, Illyria to preserve the instinct to save.

Which brings us to Nadira. Since the fight is for survival of Magic, it is normal that it is found involved in the story as it appears that it is the key, where his magical connection with the city since the beginning of the season. Unfortunately, Drusilla vampires capture… almost too easily, as if she had left to do. Had she planned it ? Does she fight ? Illyria will it resurface ? While some arrive.

This episode #19 is a solid start for this new arc that still reads once too fast. Angel, Faith and the group come together, Archaeus while preparing their plan and Drusilla. Each character to its share of action and dialogue, and each is highlighted. This new arc will surely show us the truth about Nadira, and it was time. The end is now close.