Each year, magazine Entertainement Weekly publishes Special Issue “Reunions” where a series of actors and stakeholders meet to cult films a photoshoot. For this issue of 2015, EW has gathered the cream of the cream of the Pop Culture with very famous musical The Rocky Horror Picture Show whose first performance took place there 40 years.

But, for us delight, they also brought the actors from the film Bring It On (or American Girls en français) with notably Eliza Dushku ! Indeed, The film was shown for the first time there 15 years, so it was undeniable celebrate the reunion in good standing.

This is the photographer Chris Craymer which is responsible to capture this magic moment between Eliza Dushku, Jesse Bradford, Kirsten Dunst et Gabrielle Union. This number will be released in the US booth 16 October 2015, but you can now the commander on their official website.

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Source – via Entertainment Weekly