We just announce it in news précédente, a nouveau comics Buffy will be released in June 2016. It will be called Buffy: The High School Years and will therefore take place during the school years.

It did not take long for a first cover do area, accompanied by several pages. We let you admire it all by clicking on the images below :

Buffy: The High School Years | Covers

And here are the two Early drafts de pages ;

You will now find a new section in the gallery containing Blankets and previews this new series.

Reminder, this series of comics will be written by Faith Erin Hicks and designed by Yishan Li. Pendant la Comic Con de New York, Faith Erin Hicks a donné une interview in which he speaks of this new series. Here are the important parts :

This is a rather fun story that will take place during season 1 of Buffy.
It is an independent adventure that will appeal to fans of the first hour as new.
As the plot unfolds at the beginning of the series, Buffy is not super strong, independent woman we've seen. She is uncertain and faces all problems can have a high school girl. Buffy will face a Big Bad will play its weaknesses and insecurities.
Willow, Xander and Giles are part of history and Cordelia makes an appearance. If the walking Comics, Dark Horse we will probably write a sequel.
This is neither an alternative reality, or a rewrite of the series. This will bring new comics history and enrichiera series. Angel will can be an appearance.