A very special announcement concerning Buffy the Vampire Slayer was unveiled during the New York Comic Con. Indeed, Today was held the conference Comics Dark Out, editor of the Buffy comics (season 8 up to 10). During the conference, they revealed the major project :

A new comic book series Buffy the Vampire cons will be born ! This new series (several episodes) will take place during the season 1 of Buffy and will be called “Buffy : The High School years” (En VF: Buffy : The College Years). You'll understand, this is a homecoming for our killer and a way to regain the characters we love so much.

The comics will not write Faith Eric Hicks and designed by Yishan Li, specialist manga. The first issue will come out in June 2016 !

And to help us wait, Here are some sketches of Buffy qu'a réalisé Yishan Li :