The 9 October, Sarah Michelle Gellar was at the conference on Star Wars Rebels during Comic Con de New York. During the conference, one fan said to Sarah that she was an example for all women because it has shown with Buffy is amazing.

We can see, in the videos below, a Sarah almost moved to tears by this fan who broke into tears in front of his idol. Sarah then rises from the scene and will join her for the hug !

Indeed, one of her co-stars Star Wars Rebels then took the floor to pay tribute to Sarah :

As a fan myself, I did not know how I would react when I got in the studio and I met Sarah Michelle Gellar. And it was beyond my expectations ! Not only is my #GirlCrush (Blow of heart), but it also played an iconic character, and is just as strong as a real person: La business woman, the mother, the woman…

Below, find all photos from the conference avec Sarah Michelle Gellar.