Anthony Head (Rupert Giles dans Buffy) is currently on view in the new part Ticking, to Trafalgar Studios de Londres. The play is written and directed by Paul Andrew Williams. It is not recommended for less 16 years, for Coarse and sexual scenes. Ticking is programmed up to date 7 November 2015.

Stone, Member forum Slayer Revival went there to see Anthony Head en live le 7 Octobre dernier.


Simon (Tom Hughes), a young English, awaiting execution in the cell of a prison in a foreign country after being accused of murdering a prostitute in the region. This is his latest niche tours and parents (Anthony Head and Niamh Cusack) must arrive. He is very nervous and his lawyer (David Michaels) does not yet know the verdict of his attempt to appeal against his execution.

While Simon and his parents expect a favorable outcome to their request, Simon must decide to confront her parents to make peace with the past, or leave everything buried and bid farewell.

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Creating a new living theater, it's always a gamble. So, in a city like London, where M&M'S World attracts almost as much as Buckingham Palace, where theaters rely on tourists who do not speak English to fill every night, they are increasingly rare. Between the stage adaptations of hit movies and Shakespeare umpteenth times, it's a bit stuffy.

The same, go see a new play (ou film, or other) just because a player is venerated in, it is quite another bet. It takes the personal taste of the actor in question, on their ability to question and to get under the skin of characters as opposed to those who have endeared.

When these 2 paris statements are handily, it's just magic.

Ticking rests largely on the shoulders of the actor Tom Hughes, definitely a rising star; for whom the character of Simon offers great opportunities to explore: namely an absolutely huge spectrum of emotions, humor violent tantrum.

Simon is our point of attachment, he is imprisoned and awaits his sentence. Will he be pardoned and escape execution? The play casts all along mystery and keeps his audience riveted to their seats. Tom Hughes manages to make a complicated character and amiable unprepossessing at first. Simon is plagued by doubt, the fear of dying, remorse, childhood memories. It makes a great run in the last hour and a half Ticking. (no intermission)

Then it was the parents' turn to take the stage. Very gradually, Anthony Head and Niamh Cusack have completely convinced me in their roles. (I have to confess, the first minutes of their appearance in my head it was mostly "oh my god, Oh my God, Anthony is ") Their roles are not easy. L’actrice Niamh Cusack (excellent in every way) finds himself responsible for the vast majority of sad scenes. But his character knows when to stand up to the room of men. It is a beautiful role of mother as we see too little. His relationship with his son is inside Ticking. The family aspect is ultra-convincing.

Et Anthony. The reason for my coming. He plays the role of the father. A well of his time father, cold and distant, not knowing find the comforting words. This aspect of his personality shows how some men are still struggling to live in harmony with their emotions.

The play will, in particular we learn about the past of parents, then the father, through his wife, then Simon's perspective. First embarrassed, Father turns over the stories, always from the point of view of other. Anthony will play over the expected holding this personality type. It remains stoic, while a thousand things going on in his head. Rage controlled, lying, many shades Anthony passed perfection. A darker role as the clumsy Rupert Giles, certainly!

The masks fall in the last quarter of an hour in a flawless final narrowly. A special moment between a father and son, where truth must be heard. Ticking shows sordid, but terribly, relentlessly true. From hot to cold, it's a real rollercoaster. The handkerchiefs are avoided, I would have needed.

Anthony Head brille dans Ticking, I'm not disappointed going there with eyes closed! It is also very well surrounded, Niamh Cusack and his comrades Tom Hughes are stunning discoveries. Welded trio, a real family.
The writer / director Paul Andrew Williams created a beautiful room in the prison context. A camera on the simple pleasures, the secrets that we keep for yourself, about life, and most importantly, Family.

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