Recently, magazine Entertainement Weekly devoted to, like every year, his special issue “Reunion” the film ‘Bring it On’ (en VF : American Girls). We had you unveiled the cover of the magazine in a previous article.

For the occasion, Eliza Dushku, Jesse Bradford, Kirsten Dunst and Gabrielle Union met the time of a photoshoot and an interview.

Eliza tells says his hearing was held for the film :
[blockquote cite=”Eliza Dushku”]I was always a tomboy and anti cheerleaders in real life. But I finally went to the audition, unwillingly , and probably a little drunk. In the entrance, there were girls who were doing somersault. I was quite embarrassed, so I avoided, and I entered. J’imagine que Peyton (director) thought it was hilarious. He asked me if I could make a big gap. I did it, There you go, that was all.[/su_quote] [blockquote cite=”Eliza Dushku”]The species dreadlock hairstyle during my hearing in the film, it was my idea. But the hardest was to have this face and this attitude of cheerleaders. I've always been a little grumpy. But I am a perfectionist so I memorized dances movements, but they have to really teach me big smiles.[/su_quote]

Below, Find the pictures from the magazine :

Below, Video of the show Today which shows an excerpt of the interview and photoshoot of the cast of the film Bring It On. A video to watch, if only you see the ever present complicity of actors, 15 years after.

I take this highlighting on film Bring it On (American Girls) to offer to see or review official pictures of the film, posters, stills etc.…

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Eliza had even asked a little souvenir photo on his instagram account with the words #BringItOn #Reunion !

Yep, this just happened @todayshow ! 😍 @gabunion @jessebradford #kirstendunst ❤️ #NY #NYC #BringItOn #Reunion 😝

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