Charming Christmas Julie Benz

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Julie Benz is showing a new Christmas movie produced by domestic television channel Hallmark. Le film Charming Christmas will stage Julie Benz (BUFFY and ANGEL Darla in) and David Sutcliffe (Gilmore Girls) and will be broadcast on the channel 8 November neighbor. This film is based on the novel ‘The Secret Life of Mrs. Claus’.

This is a TV movie that you will not find at the cinema but directly on your screens. There is no information concerning a French translation of the film.

Meredith Rossman (Julie Benz) is heir, a few stuck, department store Rossman. His whole life is dedicated to his work, leaving no room for love or even Christmas, to the dismay of his parents. But when she finds himself having to take an antique Christmas costume to play the role of Mrs. Claus in SantaVille radius of the store and Rossman and spy on its employees, his life will take an unexpected turn. When will meet Nick, One of his employees disguised as Santa for the store, Meredith will regain her love for Christmas, for the store, for its employees and can even be falling for Nick. It is mysterious, good with children and always there when you need it. As the real Santa Claus… wait… would it be true ? One thing is certain : From the moment Meredith donned the dress Mrs. Claus, that life has been the same!

Here are the promotional photos of the film, and stills. All in very high quality.

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Films > Julie Benz > 2015 – Charming Christmas > Charming Christmas – Stills

Here's a video of the shooting of the film where you can see Julie Benz :