- The episode #20 season 10 Buffy against the vampires called Triggers (VF: Triggers) was released yesterday in the US. This episode is a one-shot (individual episode) where Giles and Alex are working on a spell that exorcism raises some questions about the ghost of Anya. Vous trouverez, below, the couvertures, the preview et surtout la review complète the episode. Bonne lecture 🙂

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This number #20 acts as a break from the narrative story about Archaeus, and this pause is justified. The gang had faced the demon that had fallen to regain strength, while the Scooby, also, met to recover from their emotion. The episode “Triggers” reminds us that the Phantom Anya is always connected to Alex and it is with pleasure that delves into the story because we did not have details on his reappearance since the start of the season. It gradually feared that this storyline is somewhat forgotten and see Anya again on the cover and in the heart of the story is a great relief.

The case on which work is involved Buffy and Spike, exciting and meaningful for history. Christos Gage and Megan Levens capture perfection with this chord of the relationship Buffy / Spike and the subject of rape. This subject acts like a booster shot of the season 6 when Spike had tried to rape Buffy in her bathroom. Here we have a scene similar in all respects, except this time, Buffy et Spike sont en couple. Starting from a good intention rather sexy and romantic (Spike Buffy wants to join in the shower), she turns to disaster when Buffy reminiscences attempted rape. The subject is very well treated and leads us to think that their relationship becomes more mature than all relationships it had.

Parallel, and not without coincidence, Buffy and Spike investigating an Incubus devil who persecuted his victims, all women, and that non-consensual sex with them. It is a theme in the Buffyverse is quite dark and which is necessary for Buffy accepts, forgive, and live with what happened. The feminist message here is very powerful because it shows the strength and determination of women in this case. They end, Buffy a déjà pardonné Spike, but it can never changed his fears.

But the other big topic of the episode concerns Anya ! She and Alex, accompanied by Giles that ignores Anya is present, investigating a case of exorcism. The victim is a saleswoman in a magic shop that is, it seems, able to speak with the spirits. The episode is not without humor, and that's when Giles mocks her saying she's lying one is forced to push a little laugh. During the exorcism, it would seem that the devil can see Anya, which brings us a whole bunch of questions. Finally, exorcism ends, but the victim pronounces a last prediction : “Anya's soul is at peace. The presence that you see, is not it.” A sentence that resonates in our mind until the end of the number !! And speaking of the end, it is seen that this “Mother” actually manipulates Alex, but it also obeys a more powerful force that promises a bodily form to the ghost when it has ended its mission, and therefore take the place of Anya. WHAT ?!!!!!

The episode #20, entitled “Triggers”, Perfect from start to end, except that we inflict mental torture on the ghost storyline Anya. But this is the story that keeps us in suspense until the end of the episode and that makes us want to know what will happen. It infuriates us because we have the impression that evil force uses the guise of Anya, One of the favorite characters from the series, for its own purposes. Is it bad ? Is she nice ? She seems to care but Alex manipulated to obey someone else. Who is this evil force ? Add to that the issue of rape and relationship Buffy / Spike and you have a very well done episode. Strongly after !