The preview l’episode 20 season 10 d’Angel & Faith are now available. L’épisode s’intitule #20 A Little More Than Kin . The title refers to the first sentence says that the character of Hamlet in Shakespeare's play (En VF, phrase match "A little more than cousin"). Below, Here the preview with translation :


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Angel : It is the words of Archaeus I hear out of your mouth, Dru. He tried to manipulate me. I do not give him another chance. It is I who selected. This is what means to be free '.

Drusilla : If preachy, so good. About me ? What choices Angel had he given the small Drusilla ?

Drusilla : You created me and abandoned me.

Drusilla : You do not deny ? It's a beginning. Dad wants her children united under the same roof again. You were out of our, Angel, and you will do it again, even if it means…

Fred : Angel, you found…

Fred: Oh.

Page 2 - Pull down to read the translation
Drusilla : Ah, another of his dirty little debris came invade the life of Angel. You like to surround yourself, is not it ? Do they make you feel loved, as if you were a real boy ?

Drusilla : Grab as his little weasel !

[jumbotron heading=”Angel & Faith Saison 10 #20″ tagline=”Victor Gischler (Writer), Will Conrad (Dessinateur), Michelle Madsen (Coloriste), Scott Fischer (Coverage), Mike Norton (couverture alternative)”]
Angel and Faith Angel and Faith

Angel, Faith and Fred just beginning to understand the plans of Drusilla and Big Bad Archaeus for Magic Town. While Nadira course a great danger, there are still many questions unanswered. How to kill a demon that is literally out of Angel, Drusilla et Spike ? A long road awaits our team ...
Release : 4 November 2015 (USA)