The Friday 23 Sunday 25 October 2015 unfolded the Comic Con Paris La Villette in. First edition in two years, we were lucky to have two names among the guests of Buffyverse : James Marsters (Spike) and Eric Balfour (Jesse). We first want to thank the Comic Con Paris and especially Alexia which allowed us to organize the competition to win a place to see James Marsters, and who was always listening to Buffy fans.

Andrea & James and his meeting with Eric

Andrea Clipse et Eric Balfour (Jesse dans Buffy)

Andrea et Eric Balfour

I was able to attend three days. I mainly helped the booth of one of our partners, the Podcast Why Buffy C & rsquo; is Awesome, while being cosplay Buffy ! I thank very much for hosting me, I made very nice meetings, and I could see how the Series fan community is always so active right now, we were able to talk to many people. And to make the story even more perfect weekend, I met the two actors !

The Friday, the stand Canalsat proposed a meeting with Eric Balfour organized by Syfy for his series Haven. This is a very simple person, just like his character in Buffy. He is nice, not headlock and tried to do a little humor in most of his answers. The presenter asked him some questions about the series (I have personally never seen, so I do not remember his answers, sorry !), and got to spend to photos and dedications. I had him sign my Yearbook Buffy, and I could have twenty pictures the time he signs. I liked her meeting !

The next, it was time to meet one who played the character who represents the more things for me, one that blew me away from my first viewing by its complex psychology and sense of humor, and my favorite character of all movies and TV series alike. I had always wanted to see in order to thank him for having been able to give life Spike, and it was perhaps the meeting that I was expecting more with Sarah (one day for her, One day! ) Brief, it was James Marsters ! The rumors I had heard about him are proved true, He is absolutely adorable. And his age has absolutely nothing to change the image I had of him. Exactly, I found it accentuated some of its expressions on the face, and I was as much in love as before my episodes, if it's not like he really was before me.
To start the day, I could see for the first time in the morning panel Howling Metal Origin, a series in which he had already played in two episodes. It was rather interesting, he had two or three questions about Buffy in addition to the rest, and we noticed that much of the room was especially for him when our translator asked who was there for him.

half an hour later, I could see him again, this time to less than two meters away from me, do an interview for the official radio of the Comic Con with the rest of this cast Metal Howling. Unfortunately we could not hear what he was saying with sound, and he had no authority to sign autographs in the crowd. Despite all that, he was there, So it remained a great time for me.

Andréa Clipse et James Marsters Comic Con Paris

Andréa et James Marsters

There remained only the Meet & Greet, or the best time of the day ! I was impatient and I did not want up. I was finally able to tell James what I wanted. I walked quickly into the room to be able to shake his hand, and I had a pressure kick me since (logically) looked into his eyes at that moment. Inwardly I was already filled ! He talked a little about twenty minutes. It really went fast ! He said he loved playing a villain, because unlike a nice he could really let go in the emotions and do not feel guilty or withhold its dark side, or that everyone had taken Joss crazy when he wanted to do the musical episode Once More with Feeling because it gave them a tape of music by singing himself above (and I quote about if I remember correctly : “As a singer, Joss Whedon is a good writer”. Brief, it was horror ! ), etc.…
Come tour the pictures ! I approach, new look, I lay with him and digress. He quickly looked at me from head to foot and said he likes my cosplay. I jumped at the chance and I told him in English that I really thanked him for everything. This is where it was said to me (thank you very much indeed!) I was with those of the Podcast Why Buffy c & rsquo; is Awesome (which had been mentioned to James that day during his panel) and I was doing articles for a big French website of the series. He looked at me and said "It's true ? », or something like it (I confess that I was so busy watching him I did not realize what he said !). I said so low that I would write an article about this meeting that I'm not even sure he heard me. En any event he suddenly took the hand and shook me by closing his fingers like Chosen… I have not even words to describe it, it was so real and intense !

I then had the second and final opportunity to talk to him. Dedication. Unfortunately, I had not had time to translate in advance what I wanted to tell him to keep him, because I do a lot of language mistakes when I improvise in English, so we very kindly translated to me it felt three years I was running after him in France but failed to be able to see, because the event was always shifted, canceled or could not finally come, and so I was very happy to be here today and to finally meet him. Then he opened his mouth wide in a theatrical expression which meant "Oh yeah anyway, three years ! » , and he said he was very happy to see me too (inter alia, I was again too captivated to understand and remember everything lol). When to get up and go, I had a big blow stress. Normally I always got one when I meet an actor, and I just say hello because I lose my English. But this was the first that I had not had during the meeting, but only at the end. Fortunately, because I would not have wanted to miss the opportunity to talk to him.

Le stand Pourquoi Buffy c'est Génial - Comic Con Paris 2015

The stand Why Buffy is Awesome

Finally it was rather the last to leave the pressure that made me panic. I know it's stupid, I feel I look like a crazy fangirl just by writing it, but is the meeting which marked me the most. It was really amazing for me. Brief, I stammered a "Goodbye" a little strange when I wanted once again to thank the (or so I told the two, it was not clear in my head xD). Finally here, it was over ! I came away thrilled, it is the best meeting I have done over the conventions (title before returning to Nicholas Brendon !), huge memory and a lot of emotions. It was really not see an actor to see an actor, but a dream come true. Many thanks to all those who made this meeting possible.

In summary, very interesting meetings, fans outside the common and Meet & Greet inoubliable. Despite the communication of the Comic Con that had been lacking a bit before the show, including photos and autographs from James, I personally spent three wonderful days. A very big thank you to all I crossed, it is thanks to you that I have had such good times ♥ ︎

All photos of James Marsters at Comic Con Paris 2015

By James Video !

Here's a video of Meet & Greet where James Marsters answers some questions, including its music group Ghost of the Robots. The following video is a video of the conference where the actor answers the question : “Why Buffy c & rsquo; is Awesome ?”.

-Reviews other fans

And if you want to read more account of having met James Marsters fans during the Comic-Con Paris, Click below to scroll the contents :

Read the account of Simon
Okay so, one begins where ?
Sick day still not ?
So already we arrived keeping in mind that we will not see James for autographs and photos… On top of that you learn on arrival that Maisie Williams had to cancel 10 minutes before the event to personal reasons, So it starts well –‘

9h30 we begin to queue for James panel 10:30. Meanwhile Eric Balfour was panel, and as the room is not fully closed on all sides, we have seen from the tail What (So by far) ^^

10h30 panel de James pour Metal Hurlant, the good 3/4 really care about Metal Howling huh x) But suddenly we saw James, and is super cool !! Sarthman of Buffy Why it's great could ask him a question : Buffy Why it's great ? James a répondu “Buffy was awesome” and then developed. Besides, he really took the time to each question to expand its answer, bâclait not what it so it was cool.

12h James was invited to the radio, je cite, “official” (yes yes on the large poster in front of the radio they also make such misspelling –‘) Comic Con. So it was cool, he was kind to me 3m, he had to take me for a relou to take a photo all 30 xD seconds
Des fans lui tendaient des supports autographes et ils leur disaient discrètement qu’il était désolé mais qu’il ne pouvait pas en faire 🙁 Et les gardes du corps l’ont vite emmené ailleurs

From then bin it was said that the day was over, there was not much else to do. We spent some time on the stand of Buffy Why It's Awesome also. They are always so cool these guys! And then I could buy me (finally) mag clap Buffy they sold.

And then… so let details, let's just say the SR flyers have served us. One could do in order to begin forcing Meet & Greet reserved for winners. So thank you for pushing us Codi, thank you for talking to Ephy, and thank you to the staff of the girl who did everything for his walk. She was wearing a Tshirt Sunnydale, so she was Buffy fan, and she knew SR ^^

So 16h, we go for the M&G avec James. We were really ahead. We did a little question and answer session, and we went to photos and autographs. J’ai pu faire signer mon poster OMWF du coup 😀 Donc James est juste adorable.

And out of the room, 66 minutes (apparently it is they) interviewed me –‘ I hope I will not get on TV, I had nothing to tell them, I did that to stutter more, in short, how awful… Provided that they cut me to the mounting.

In the end it was a great day. We even glimpse Francis and Raphael Descraques ^^
Ravi d’avoir pu revoir plein de gens que j’aime, and to have met many other fans !
A big thank you to Why It's Awesome Buffy Slayer and Revival

Lire le compte-rendu de RileyFinn de l'équipe PBCG
To make a small stock of the comic con, for us it was huge ! Saturday, le Spike Day, we had a crazy world at the stand. Yaelle, guest on our podcast School Hard coincidentally, We had an amazing pub during the Panel with James, and the question of Sarthman “Why Buffy is awesome? ” was perfect ! We met all the week a number of crazy fans : nostalgic, lovers, Enthusiasts, Philosophers, des fans du podcast, SR readers, fans who discover Avengers Joss, amazing cosplays, comics readers, des podcasteurs, artists and even Kendal Brenneman who introduced himself in English as Dawn liner !! She even showed us pictures of the filming on his phone ! Surrealist !

After a team meeting around a good black Frost, The facts are simple : everyone likes Buffy ! Although some forget or do not know it yet !

All PBCG team made big kisses to Codi, Devon, Ephy, Nate and more at Clipse !!! It was great to see you, to spend the weekend with you on the stand. Thank you for helping us, thank you for those moments, these discussions, these debates, sur Buffy, Angel, Spike, Sarah, James, Riley, Murray Head, Doctor Who, the organization of the Comic Con, Shawn Ashmore, x-mens and Professor Xavier, cosplays, Podcasts, Once More, and so many things I forgot.
And thank you for taking the stand during the breaks McDo, Kebab, sushi and not for our radio expeditions (Fans of the series who watch our shirts, les frères Descraques, Davy Mourier, Florent Dorin, Julien Josselin, Eric Balfour, Fred Benudis, Panini Comics, Harley Quinn, the Noob, Patrice Girod, Thomas Hercouet L'Originale and many others that respond to this critical issue : Why Buffy C & rsquo; is Awesome ?”)

If you too were there, please give us your report commented, or send us your Pictures and videos at the following address :

Thank you for Clipse, Simon, Ephy, Martin, Team Buffy Why is Awesome, Jennifer, Ivy Wayne, Jonathan and Mic Lab for photos and videos of the article.