For some time now, actress Juliet Landau, we all know for her role Drusilla in Buffy the Vampire Slayer (an Angel), preparing a documentary on vampires entitled ‘A Place Among the Undead’. The project is co-directed by the actress and her husband, Deverill Weekes, and contains interviews Joss Whedon, Tim Burton, Gary Oldman, Willem Dafoe, Anne Rice, Robert Patrick, Charlaine Harris, Steve Niles, Tom Holland et Kevin Grevioux

Today, the actress offers fans to help contribute to the project through the site Indiegogo, where fans can donate some money to fund the project.

[blockquote cite=”Juliet Landau”]"It was an incredibly exciting project to. It quickly became a documentary on the most complete ever made vampires. It brings together all the big names of the genre ... It transcends the idea that one has of the documentary traditional. It mixes film clips in interviews. All those who have asked to participate were very motivated. In fact, many people have told us' I heard about your documentary; well you would interview me ?’ The subject is so vast that I decided to make this documentary in two parts : “A Place Among the Dead”, who will talk about the obsession that people about vampires, and the risk when it goes too far. And “A Place Among the Undead” which will focus on all aspects of the vampire myth and pop culture. "[/su_quote]

Entertainment Weekly : What inspired you to make this documentary on vampires and their representation in pop culture ?
Juliet Landau : Whenever I was hanging with designers, directors and actors who have touched this world of vampires, I had the best conversations. And I always told myself 'I liked so much that people can see it', all things that have never been shown, la camaraderie, the subject seen from the inside. So my idea has been brewing for a long time, really. Since I did actually Buffy. And my husband and I we finally launch.

EW : Do vampires are more interesting than the other creatures ? Ou, if you had played a werewolf on Buffy, you would be doing a documentary on werewolves ?
Juliet : [laughs] I do not know. It would be interesting. I think one of the things that makes them so interesting is that all the directors and writers use vampirism as a metaphor of the human condition. Joss Whedon, high school is the nightmare, by which we all spent. Anne Rice wrote 'Interview with the Vampire’ just after the death of his daughter because of leukemia, and created a vampire child living for eternity. Kevin Grevioux said qu'Underworld was based on the experience he had when we go out with someone with a different skin color, So he created two species – the vampiric – who disagree.

There are so many aspects that reflect our own species. And can be it's the same for werewolves, but in any case this is true for vampires. I also think that's why our society is so fascinated by the subject.

Juliet Landau Joss Whedon A Place Among the UndeadEW : How this was to interview big names of the genre ?
Juliet : It was so much fun, including Joss Whedon to review and discuss my role in Buffy and Angel. Then with Tim Burton – I worked with him on Ed Wood – it was just as fun. They told me things I did not know and I had never seen them talking about it. As for Willem Dafoe, I had never met but a charming man. All those we interviewed were generous.

EW : Can you tell us about the rewards for those who would like to contribute to your campaign Indiegogo ?
Juliet : Of course. The 7 November, for Halloween parties, I eat in a restaurant in Los Angeles, it is one of the first batches, very limited. There is also this beautiful book of photographs designed by Gary Oldman and my husband Deverill. Gary has a built in camera 1853 and that makes absolutely fabulous shots. He prices pictures of Joss Whedon, Robert Patrick and myself, and other extras. This is a rare book. Then, Georges Jeanty, that was the designer of season 8 and 9 Buffy has an exclusive design poster of the documentary, we will give a contributor. Mike Collins, another artist, also made a poster for the documentary.

EW : Why have you decided to appeal to a Crowdfunding (Fan Funding) ?
Juliet : My husband and I started by ourselves finance the project, but it has evolved beyond our expectations. There are so many people that we would like to include and there are many production companies who would like to invest, but we really want to make a film for the fans. Some prod boxes' asked us to remove any part of our documentary, and we did not want to remove passages that we considered too high.

EW : What are your recent projects as an actress ?
Juliet : I shot a film titled Africa ‘Where the Road Runs Out‘, or I play a missionary. I also played in ‘The Bronx Bull‘ which is a prologue and epilogue, all in a, in the history of Jake LaMotta. I play a movie star. I also participated in audiobook ‘Doctor Who Big Finish‘ I play the character Romana (which was played in the series by Mary Tamm). It was awesome. The preferred Doctor Tom Baker is my husband and he said : 'It's the best job that you've never had. All you have to do is look Doctor Who.’

You can learn more about the project Juliet Landau, A Place Among the Undead sur la page Indiegog, and why not participate in the project by contributing.

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