The preview l’episode 21 season 10 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer were unveiled. This is the first episode of a new arc entitled ‘In Pieces On The Ground


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TV presenter : Air Forces pilots, it seems, killed the giant horned gorilla who terrorized the city of Buenos Aires. Our expert in supernatural, Graham Miller, says it's not our imagination : We are the target of attacks demons from other dimensions.

Graham : This is true, Chuck. And what is troubling is that it takes place where you do not expect the. The Ontario ice demon, the centipede driving in Italy ... In one way or another, these creatures are invading our world even in the absence of Bouches Hell and other existing portals. We need to find how.

Buffy : Because Buffy the idiot has left three daemons get their hands on a portal generator.
Spike : It's not like we had not tried to find the. They escape us each time.

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JBuffy : I know. I am aware that this is just how we stop them. But it kills me not to be at the forefront.

Someone rings the doorbell.

Spike : Dinner is served.

Buffy: Tu you, On Hoffryn and magic board bossent 24h 24.
Spike : It's a demon. He is not sleeping. And the thing he loves more than direct the council is complain. We also have been working hard, not ?
Buffy : But without result. I begin to think we should move to another ...

Buffy : … direction…

Buffy : SATSU ?
Satsu : Hi, Buffy. I not fall ?

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Buffy : Not! Of course not ! Entres. Uh, Spike, Here Satsu, my old friend ... killer ....
Spike : I know. We met at the time the germ of Wonders. Hi, Satsu. I'll get my pants, it will be better.

Buffy : I should probably explain why his pants her in my room. And he did not wear.
Satsu : You do not have to do. It has been a long time. We have a whole both our lives. And I'm with someone too. Does he know about us ? Because it's not about what I'm here, and if he ignores, you makes it all too obvious.

Spike : I know, and I am in no position to talk about youth experience. Feel free to talk about it if you want.
Buffy : I prefer to avoid.
Satsu : You were so cool and mysterious when we met.

Buffy : Attend, then why are you here ? Without calling in advance, what would have been the thing to do to avoid an embarrassing moment.
Satsu : sorry for this. I knew the only way I had to talk to you through would I come in person. Buffy, I want you….

Satsu : ... In our team to help the US military.

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Buffy : The army ! Like who decreed that the Slayers were the enemies of the state ! The one that went to war against us and killed our friends !

Satsu : I know. But those responsible for this are either dead, either in jail.
Buffy : Eh eh. And what about those who have followed their orders ?

Satsu : First : Everything you said about the army also applies to Angel, and I heard that you had forgiven. And do not leave me your excuse “He was possessed”.
Buffy : It was ! most of the time ! And rather gullible when it comes to ... is intended and what the government spying on me ?
Satsu : More than you Angel. It almost destroyed the world. When he arrived in the US, some people have monitored. Listen, please, let me finish ...

Satsu : Riley Finn works for the army again. It was your double agent when she was against us, but working together now. That should reassure you, not ?
Spike : It scores a point. Finn is not the type to go against morality. And now I am silent and you act as if I had said nothing.

Buffy : They. Have. Slew. Us. Sisters. Our friends died in our arms. I do not believe you, above all, you forgot.

Satsu : I have not forgotten. I see them all the time when I close my eyes. Sometimes I wake up and I'm back in Tibet ... and I see girls who should be at their prom instead of drowning in their own blood. But that's the past. And it, is the present.

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Satsu : The centipede in Rome killed three hundred people. Schoolchildren. Elderly people. Families.
Buffy : Oh… non…
Satsu : Yeah. This is what you do not see the information.

Satsu : Each new attack of demons you see on TV, the army has already arrested three before anyone was injured. They take very seriously the supernatural. They have resources that no other has, and a much larger scale. They are the only ones who can take care of that ...

Satsu : ... And yet they are always overwhelmed. They need someone with experience in this field. People who fought the legions of monsters and demons. I will not lie and tell you it's easy. But I'm not the kind of person who leaves the innocent die so that I could help. You want to know who taught me that ? You.

Buffy : I still did not trust them ... I will deal with you ... or Riley. That's it. And they will order me anything. They ask.
Satsu : Like me you. Thank you.

Buffy : But I'm not sure that an additional pair of hands is enough to make a difference, even if I have the Scythe.
Satsu : I agree. We need many more pairs of hands. And the supernatural genre. And you are not alone in having suspicions about the army. Buffy…

Satsu : ... We need you vampires rallies to the cause.

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Buffy season 10 Buffy season 10

The invasion of demons begins to become a worldwide problem, and Buffy is responsible for convincing the vampire community to help them fight this invasion. But to accept, Buffy and Spike must participate in a fighting-against-one against the best vampires ... all in a tournament organized by Harmony !
Release : 18 November 2015 (USA)