Last year, we had you proposed un article listing you movies in which players Buffyverse played. Given the success of this Article, we planned to renew this article to offer new movies to go Halloween 2015 in the company of actors Buffyverse.

so here's, without delay, a non-exhaustive list of horror movies to make you shudder of fear !

Good Halloween to all !

The Grudge With Sarah Michelle Gellar
“In honor of the recently deceased Wes Craven, we were compelled to share you this film for Halloween 2015. And the Scream saga is a Halloween worship, then nothing better than to see our Sarah Michelle Gellar in this 1997 slasher.”
Little more: Dans Scream 2, Sorority roommate's character is called Sarah Michelle Gellar “Dawnie”, in the series Buffy the Vampire cons, Buffy's little sister is called Dawn.
Two years after the first series of murders, psychopath takes a new Ghostface costume and a new series of murders begins.
Psycho Beach Party With Nichola Brendon
“Almost a comedy rather than a horror movie, Psycho Beach Party is a crazy comedy-horror which Nick plays a handsome surfer kid. Summer, Surf, Sex, Rock, Year 60, Slasher… a beautiful mix !”
Little more: There is a lot of connection between this film and Buffy. 3 actors played in Buffy : Nicholas Brendon a joué Alex Harris, Channon Roe a joué Jack O’Toole, and Amy Adams played the cousin Tara. Et Lauren Ambrose a joué dans le film Big Party (1998) avec Seth Green et Amber Benson !
Summer 1962. Florence lives alone with her mother and a German tenant, Lars. It is slightly schizophrenic. When crises, it turns into a tigress named Ann Bowman and does not remember anything when it comes down to it. It is “drive-in” and emerges precisely from one of these absences when a girl is discovered slaughtered. But the worst is yet to come …
Soul Survivors With Eliza Dushku
“Among his many horror movies, Eliza Dushku can be found in Soul Survivors, where she plays the role of Annabel.”
Outch, it hurts: The film is considered a dismal failure ! For a budget 17 millions de dollars, the film got only to 4 million.
While they all leave time summer vacation, four teenagers (Cassie and her boyfriend Sean and Matt and his girlfriend Annabel) compete in car after Cassie and Matt are embraced and that Sean had seen them at the exit of a nightclub. While she tries to talk to him while driving, Cassie darkens on another car that probably stopped in the middle of the road to block them. Cassie's car off the road, made several barrels and crashed a few meters down a river. Following this terrible accident, Sean died instantly.

In September, Cassie is disoriented and has not recovered from the death of Sean. Matt meanwhile is more present than ever to support it while Annabel behaves strangely, away increasingly Cassie after meeting a mysterious young woman named Raven.

But soon, Cassie starts having hallucinations, Seeing Sean regular and two men apparently wanting to hurt her and that have a direct relationship with Cassie and friends. She has no idea about the turn that events will take.

The Scribbler With Michelle Trachtenberg
“The Scribbler is a science fiction thriller in a very dark and unhealthy universe. Michelle found any gothic fashion. This is not a horror film strictly speaking, but the universe is so dark that it is sometimes quite scary.”
Little more : Eliza Dushku is also present in the film !
Antechamber of hell on earth, Juniper Tour includes a variety of sociopaths and mentally degenerate, preferably violent.
A hell that lives Suki, a young woman trying to overcome his mental illness with a new treatment which it does not control all the effects ... While murders are occurring at Juniper, Suki will quickly become the # 1 suspect.
Deadly Valentine With David Boreanaz
“For fans of David Boreanaz… and drill (There's Katherine Heigl also for those who love ^^ )”
During a ball of Valentine in college, Jeremy Melton, a young student is horribly humiliated by several girls. Quelques années plus tard, one of the girls is murdered in strange circumstances. The other girls then make the link with the young man they have humiliated in college prom. Henceforth, for them, Valentine's Day is not just for fun, to have a jumper or receive bouquets of roses, but survive their horrible fate… This year, it is better not to be alone on Valentine's Day…
Shadow Puppets With James Marsters
“James Marsters, brown, in a horror film Tabula Rasa mode.”
Eight foreigners who lost his memory in an abandoned wake asylum. As they try to find answers to their questions, and the output, their own shadows attack to take them in darkness.

Psychosis With Charisma Carpenter
“A film that does not really reputable nor rave reviews.”
Susan, author of crime novels is plagued by terrifying visions since its move to an old house, in the middle of the English countryside. With psychiatric history, the young woman struggling to convince her husband, which in turn is absent regularly on business…
Saw 5 With Julie Benz
“Julie Benz in the famous saga Saw, it's a nice combo for Halloween. In addition it is brown.”
In this new installment of the Saw saga, it seems that Hoffman is the only heir to the power of the puzzle Killer. But when his secret risk of discovery, he has no right to make mistakes and must eliminate each threat. The traps will multiply to close, inexorably, by triggering as many thrills as of conscience…
The Cabin in the Woods With Amy Acker
“Not really a horror film but is inspired by reusing well known Slashers gender processes.”
Little more : Directed by Joss Whedon and is also found Tom Lenk and Fran Kranz, well known actors Buffyverse.
Five friends go spend the weekend in a remote cabin in the woods. They have no idea of ​​the nightmare that awaits, or what really hides cabin in the woods ...
Attention, this selection is not exhaustive. We are aware that we have not done everything. Si vous connaissez d’autres films dans le genre, n’hésitez pas à les partager 😉
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