There are few days, Joss Whedon went to the’University of Oxford to speak to students. He spoke to them in particular about his future project that would A musical. During the Questions / Answers conference, here is 10 Joss Whedon on things that you know can be :

He has watched a single episode of Mad Men.

He spends his holidays watching the series and iZombie Reign. He knows that Reign is a series for teen, but love.

His musical influences include the years groups 70 et Coldplay.

He loves Taylor Swift and hope she invites him to join her “team”.

He is currently working on a musical project.

It also has the idea of ​​a ballet he would like him is born.

Once, he read Hamlet with the actors Buffy. He played the role of Hamlet and Anthony Stewart Head played the role of his father.

He treats himself an idiot.

He is afraid to revive the Firefly project because he wants to give 100% in, and it is not safe for the time to do it.

His favorite actors with whom he likes to work his Amy Acker, Nathan Fillion, Amy Acker et Amy Acker.

Usually, the Oxford Union post its conference Youtube. The video will be can be online in a few days.

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