Mardi 17 November, the French channel W9 will broadcast the first episode of the series Empire created by Danny Strong (Jonathan Levinson dans BUFFY) ! Indeed, whereas the American series began its second season in the US, France will start tomorrow's series, from 20:55. In the evening program : the first three episodes of season 1.

Expected originally on M6, such as announced last April there you, it is ultimately W9 will broadcast the series Empire.

Summary :
Empire is one of his classic family sagas, except that it is interested in Lucious Lyon, ex gangster devenu roi du hip-hop. A story inspired by Jay-Z, little guy from Brooklyn became one of the richest men in the country. In addition to its core stories, ses clash, deceits, betrayal, crepe bun, the series owes its success to its original band signed Timbaland. The album Empire was also ranked ahead of that of Madonna, while the season 1 ended this week on a record audience.

It is therefore a music series waiting for you. A contrario de Glee, the series Empire integrate music in a specific context and justified. While she displayed near 13 million viewers average when it aired on FOX (USA), Does the series will convince France ? Meet you tomorrow.